'Hot stuff' card for a man

Just realized that I have never published this card on this blog, though it's been created more than a year ago. Better late than never, right? =)
That's the card exterior:

Black leather and metall =) Faux leather cover has a girl-silhouette-shaped window covered with red nylon lace. The pattern slightly reminds of the netted stockings ;) On the left side there're eyelets laced with a satin ribbon. IR should remind of a corset lacing. Yeah, I know that the eyelets look poor - I bought some real ones, not for scrapbooking, made of stainless steel and setting them without an eyelet setter made them look smashed %\
Plus some "red flames" - metall sequins.

Interior of the card:

Black lace on the right, girl silhouette - masking technique used; some lace stamping, red flames.
The central part has some black lace underwear, stitched red hearts, some inking; and a sentiment which is written with teeny-tiny-very-small characters that form a woman's body. Although all those words are in Russian and not all of you can read that - I had to blurr that, sorry, too intimate ;)
So that's the basic idea. =)


  1. такая сексуальная и откровенная.. надо же :)

  2. Люба, спасибо за комментарий =) Надо было перед 14-м или хотя бы 23-м выложить, да замешкалась и забыла.

    Sheetal, sometimes it's necessary to fool around =)

  3. ух ты!!! Класная!!!

  4. Как оригинально!!!

  5. яМОльКа, Астра - спасибо =)