Little fun challenge #1

dja-karta has a new blog, devoted to the challenges of miniatures (inchies, rinchies, atc and other small things). The first challenge is to make a birthday themed inchie.
I'm in!
That's my inchie:

Why is it birthday themed? Well, in russian when we wish a "happy birthday" we often say "happy jam day!", it has nothing to do with jam actually, but sounds a little alike and funny... hmmm, let's say it's like "happy broth-day!" =)
So I made an inchie with a jar of raspberry jam! All raspberries are quilled from the thinnest strips I could cut - like 1 mm. Couldn't use a quilling tool, used a pin and fingers to quill the parts. The greenery is also cut manually.
The top of the jar is covered with a fabric lid - made of gingham ribbon.
And there's a little bee - made of yellow i-clay, the strips are drawn with a pen and wings are made of shiny fiber, not glued - they pop up a little.

That's it, thanks for looking!


Keeping the best - my debut

Some of you know that I'm a co-author of a challenge blog Keeping the best

And today we have the 7th sketch published, it's created by Tancha. I had a lovely opportunity to make a layout for the blog, my first one ever published, so I'm very excited.


"I love you, Life" poem

When I showed my latest card I said that one day I'll probably translate that wonderful song I was inspired with so that everyone could feel how great it is. So I did it. Don't judge too serious, please ;) It's not easy to keep the meaning, set the rhyme and yet let the song be singable to the same tune.
There it is:
I'm in love with you, Life,
It's not new nor it is unexpected,
I'm in love with you, Life,
Once again I'm in love unaffected
Lights in windows are lit,
Finished job, coming home, feeling tired,
I love life - I admit
Its improvement is purely desired

I have got reall' a lot:
Th'vast of land and the valley of ocean,
I know true friendship knot -
Selfless male friendship with no commotion.
In the sound of each day
I'm so happy that restless I've been,
I've got love on my way
Do you know, Life, that wonderful feeling?
I've got love on my way
Do you know, Life, that wonderful feeling?

Nightingales sing above
Twilight, kiss at the break of the morning...
And the climax of love
Is the offspring that is life's adorning.
And with them we'll repeat
Childhood, youth, all the stations and piers
Next we'll have the grandkids
Once again we'll go through all those years...

Oh the time's flying by
And we grieve seeing hair turning gray now
Do you, Life, keep in mind
Those who died for you keeping their vow? (literally there were "soldiers who died defending you")
Shall the joy and the strife
Sound in trumpets that praise spring and May-day
I'm in love with you, Life,
And I hope that you're feeling the same way.
I'm in love with you, Life,
And I hope that you're feeling the same way.


Blog problems - need help

Hi all!
Lately I've been experiencing unexplainable problems with blogs: I can't leave comments whereever the comment form is embedded in post. If it pops up in a new window - it's ok, if it's below post - I can't. =((( I even had to change the form for my own blog from "below post" to "a pop-up window" 'cause I can't leave thanks for commenters too! I would love to comment some of the blogs so much, but I can't =( No errors, no messages, just can't click neither "Post", nor "Preview". No matter what profile I choose.
And today I've got even more problems - couldn't log in for half of an hour! %\ no errors, nothing's wrong, the page's just reloaded and that's it.
Does anyone know how to deal with it? Any suggestions? Any ideas what to check and how to fix?
Thanks in advance for any help!

Всем привет!
Недавно у меня начались проблемы с блогом, не могу оставлять комментарии в блогах, где форма для комментария расположена в посте или под ним. Если открывается в отдельном окне - могу, пришлось себе даже такой вид поставить, а то и спасибо сказать не получается =( Ошибок не выдает, ничего не происходит, просто не могу нажать на "Отправить" и все. Не зависимо от выбираемого профиля. Так что прошу прощения, что не комментирую то, что хотелось бы =(
А сегодня вообще ужас - не могу залогиниться полчаса, ни ошибок, ничего, просто перезагрузка логин-страницы. %\
Кто-нибудь знает, что с этим можно сделать? Как бороться? Есть идеи, что проверить, как починить?
Заранее спасибо!

Nightingales sing so well..

That's a card I completed today. Another try of a "card for a daddy-to-be".
Закончила открытку, еще одна проба "для будущего отца"


'Hot stuff' card for a man

Just realized that I have never published this card on this blog, though it's been created more than a year ago. Better late than never, right? =)
That's the card exterior:

Black leather and metall =) Faux leather cover has a girl-silhouette-shaped window covered with red nylon lace. The pattern slightly reminds of the netted stockings ;) On the left side there're eyelets laced with a satin ribbon. IR should remind of a corset lacing. Yeah, I know that the eyelets look poor - I bought some real ones, not for scrapbooking, made of stainless steel and setting them without an eyelet setter made them look smashed %\
Plus some "red flames" - metall sequins.