More woven hearts

Some more patterns of woven hearts.
Details explanations can be found here. So I'll show only patterns:

Heart with a star

Heart with David star

Two parts are different. so there's no need to mirror anything, just draw/print them and weave.
Can also be used for some national holidays =)
Four-leaf clover heart

As a wish of good luck, also nice for St. Patrick's day or as a symbol of Ireland.

Heart with bricks

You need to be extra careful with this heart: the details are very small and precise; an ideal heart will be striped, the smallest mistake - and the strips turn into bricks =)


  1. Very interesting ideas! Many thanks!

  2. I love your woven hearts; thanks for the tutorial and patterns....I must now try these.

  3. Love the woven hearts, I haven't seen ones like these before, really nice.

  4. These are super cool! Thanks for letting me know that you had posted more examples AND for visiting my blog.

  5. Vena, Катя - спасибо =) Пользуйтесь =)
    Diana, cbuswell, Cheryl, MommaSaid - thank you, ladies, for commenting =) Appreciate your attention =)

  6. These are great. You are always so helpful,
    I am passing along the Stylish Blogger Award to you! Visit http://thescrappycottage.blogspot.com/ to grab your award.