Blog awards

Recently my blog has been awarded by four nice ladies: Ольгусенок, Лилейка, Elsa-Astra Fuchs and dja-karta. I would like to thank them for their attention and flattering appraisal of my little crafty things =)
Недавно мой блог удостоился наград сразу от четырех замечательных девушек: Ольгусенка, Лилейки, Нади-Астры и dja-karta. Хочу поблагодарить девочек за их внимание и такую лестную оценку моих рукоделок. =)

The awards should be passed on, so I chose a few quite attarctive blogs I'm following, make sure you check them out =)
Нужно передать награды дальше, выбрала несколько блогов, которые меня вдохновляют или просто нравятся:
1. Anastasia Wahalatantiri - multi-talented artist; love her quilling! Check out her mirror-art too, and other things - that's really inspiring!
2. Carol at Extreme cards and papercrafts - I'm pretty sure you know her, she has so many ideas that they just don't fit in my head! Just want to thank her for inspiration. =)
3. Lila777 - extra-positive lady who makes the cards which look like toys, adorable!
4. Karthika - have just discovered her blog, very cute quilling!
5. Kimiburan - journal full of ideas, with very neat and inspiring kirigami; a chest of treasures concerning paper cutting!
6. KiSerB -this lady tries a lot of techniques, different styles and such, there is something to look at and to inspire with! What's more, once I said I loved the card she made... and guess what?! She sent it to me, I was amazed! Look at it:

Isn't it gorgeous? All those beads, pearls, stitching, cords, laces and that beautiful hand-drawn tree! Ася, ты супер =)))

Thanks for your attention!
Have a good day!


  1. Спасибо :)
    Мне приятно, что мой блог и работы Вам интересны!

  2. HI,thanks for the info.I have already linked it.U hav a good blog here:)

  3. Thank you very much Aljona for your kind offer and highlighting my blog. Glad you think my blog is good enough for an award and thank you very much for it.