More woven hearts

Some more patterns of woven hearts.
Details explanations can be found here. So I'll show only patterns:


Woven hearts tutorial

St. Valentine's coming and love is in the air =)
So I thought it's not a bad idea to share with you some simple technique of making a paper heart with 1 or 4 hearts inside of it.

Easiest version of woven hearts is well-known, and tutorials can be found here and there (for example the first link google shows when you ask it about 'woven hearts').
And that's a little more complicated version, I used it in my "When two hearts beat as one" card.

Let's begin. There's a scheme of heart petals: you may want to print them out or draw your own one - variable dimensions are present.

Cut along thick lines only. Dashed lines are there for easier understanding of the drawing.
Left pattern is used for heart-in-heart; the right one is for four-hearts-in-one.
For one woven heart you need two details: left or right AND a mirrored one. Hope the pics below help =)


How about a blog-hop?

Blog hop's cancelled due to the lack of active participants.
Блог хопа не будет в связи с низкой активностью участников.


Blog awards

Recently my blog has been awarded by four nice ladies: Ольгусенок, Лилейка, Elsa-Astra Fuchs and dja-karta. I would like to thank them for their attention and flattering appraisal of my little crafty things =)
Недавно мой блог удостоился наград сразу от четырех замечательных девушек: Ольгусенка, Лилейки, Нади-Астры и dja-karta. Хочу поблагодарить девочек за их внимание и такую лестную оценку моих рукоделок. =)

The awards should be passed on, so I chose a few quite attarctive blogs I'm following, make sure you check them out =)
Нужно передать награды дальше, выбрала несколько блогов, которые меня вдохновляют или просто нравятся:
1. Anastasia Wahalatantiri - multi-talented artist; love her quilling! Check out her mirror-art too, and other things - that's really inspiring!
2. Carol at Extreme cards and papercrafts - I'm pretty sure you know her, she has so many ideas that they just don't fit in my head! Just want to thank her for inspiration. =)
3. Lila777 - extra-positive lady who makes the cards which look like toys, adorable!
4. Karthika - have just discovered her blog, very cute quilling!
5. Kimiburan - journal full of ideas, with very neat and inspiring kirigami; a chest of treasures concerning paper cutting!
6. KiSerB -this lady tries a lot of techniques, different styles and such, there is something to look at and to inspire with! What's more, once I said I loved the card she made... and guess what?! She sent it to me, I was amazed! Look at it:

Isn't it gorgeous? All those beads, pearls, stitching, cords, laces and that beautiful hand-drawn tree! Ася, ты супер =)))

Thanks for your attention!
Have a good day!