Felted beads

Winter is a good time for dealing with felt, wool and alike warm and cozy stuff =)
So, there's my new creation - it's felted.
My friend and I visited a craft convention - I usually pay attention to the materials, instruments and stuff, my gf is interested in handmade things she can buy. This time she wanted to purchase felted beads. "Exclusive", "made manually", "work of authorship"... like $100 for a string of beads. I offered her my help for free and made for her another "work of art", totally handmade and exclusive =))))
Photos aren't very crisp though, the color of the beads is actually deep purple, but not as dark as it seems.
There's what I made:

The size of each bead is about 17 mm, I embellished them with metal flowers and strung them with organza ribbon. The latter has light purple color, but in comparison to the beads' inky hue it seems to be pink %\ My friend is happy with it, but I promissed to replace it with a darker shade if I'm able to find it.

Some more shots:

Beads are not tied or stitched to the ribbon, so they can be moved, though they don't slide easily.

And some closeups of unique beads (they are not all the same style). One beads is embellished with pearl white seed beads. And some other
"Marbled" bead, made of mixed dark and light wool:

Bead with one spiral swirl; it's not stitched, it's felted!

And a bead with multiple little swirls - also felted:

Never though I'll be able to make such a fine pattern on the bead, but this experience is very nice, so I'm getting ready for another felting project which I refused to complete half of a year ago because of the thin lines I should have done - now I feel like it's gonna be a work of art! Well, we'll see =))

Thanks for looking!


  1. Алена, в ЖЖ почитала ... в силу своей "неграмотности" :))). Можно я тут писать буду ладно?
    Я в шоке от таких бус!!!! Ну такая фиолетовая радость! Очень красиво! очень очень!
    Мне больше всех бусина с загогулинами понравилась :) А ленточку я тоже думаю потемнее чуток надо...:))))

  2. Спасибо, Алена!
    Спасибо, Ася, за такой подробный и лестный комментарий =) Пиши, где больше нравится;) Мне тоже с загогульками нравится, она самая "эдакая" =) Надо будет еще у подруги фотки "в жизни" попросить.

  3. Алена, обязательно живьем надо увидеть такую красоту! Проси фото! Буду очень ждать! это должно быть очень выразительно!!!