2 ATCs

Haven't posted here anything laltely, working on some pretty time-consuming project which I can't show before the contest, so you'll have to wait some more =)

Today I'll show two ATCs which have already been received by those who play "Cat-in-a-sack" game with me. Two are still to be received.
There they are:

Click to enlarge.
The first one: somewhat like quilling, paper pipes =) Forming a word "Hi".

The second one: a burst of green stuff! Inked edges, craftrobo cut green grassy mat, with two "explosions" in the middle: one filled with chopped green cocktail straw and microbeads the other one - with green rabbit fur fixed with green-head pins. Green bling (and one magenta bling), green button, green striped paper clip threaded with green floss..


  1. Алена, ты не перестаешь нас удивлять :)

  2. Спасибо =) Хм, а чего тут удивительного? =)

  3. Интересные АТС-ки. Особенно первая приглянулась, такая необычная ))) А вторую я бы назвала " Любовь-это кнут(колючка) или пряник( перышко)!

  4. Спасибо, detenish =) Интересные ассоциации =)