Mosaic layout

In the beginning of August I took part in rus-scrap.ru challenge called "Crazy lifting". Participants had to scraplift someone's project. I chose a layout done by Theresa Amlong in technique of mosaics:

Since I live in Russia ordering special stuff like stencils of grid paper was not easy: the contest would close before I get my order! (it takes more than 3 weeks to ship something), so I had to draw the grid and cut the inchies myself.
12" x 12" (30 cm x 30 cm), squares are inchies (2,5 cm)
I used 14 photos we made in Paris (yes, that's another LO in my Paris scrapbook) during the walk in Pereire boulevard. This place has a thousand bushes of roses there! Looks and smells awesome!
And when I got to know about the mosaic technique - I knew I wanted to try it! We have a lot of photos, but putting one for each LO would lead to an enourmous number of pages in my album. Choosing just one is simply impossible.
Some details:

Pieces of real mosaics (they actually are pink and magenta, but not pale-red like they seem to be in the pic).
I had two challenges for myself:
1) cutting the photos. It's so hard to cut a whole nice looking photo!
2) using pink. I hate working with pink and magenta, but I tried my best to support the photos =)
The frame around the main photo is made of light-green and pink textured papers, with mosaic-like corners. The title is cut in a piece of a green cardstock and placed upon a square with glued down pink microbeads.
This LO took 5-th or 6-th place out of 74. No prize, but not the worst ;)
Thanks for looking!
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  1. Очень нравится! Сложно, красиво!

  2. Потрясающая работа!!! Смотрится шикарно!

  3. Шедеврально!!! Очень красивая работа!!!

  4. I took notice of this work during the challenge! This is a great idea for an LO. Usually we don't put pictures of flowers in albums and, regrettably, they are never shown to anybody. That's the way to represent them!

  5. Безумная работа! Сложная, красивая!
    Тебя на фото можно было узнать, если конечно фотки были побольше :))) Там не то что фотки, работу толком не разглядишь!

  6. Потрясающе! Просто бесподобно! Никогда не встречала такого оформления! Браво!

  7. Красота то какая! Впечатляет!!!

  8. Девушки, спасибо больше за комплименты! =) Нам со странчикой очень приятно =)
    Вика, можешь посетить http://tamipotter.typepad.com/photos/mosaic_moments/index.html - там других примеров с такой техникой много. Особенно шикарно, имхо, смотрятся цветы в этой мозаике =)

  9. Спасибо за ссылочку! Пойду рассматривать!

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  11. О, я нашла автора работы, за которую голосовала в этом конкурсе :))) ура! работа очень мне понравилась, просто супер!

  12. This is an amazing layout! I took several pics recently that I think would look really cool done this way. Thanks for a great inspiring idea!

  13. Thank you, Kandi =) I'd love to see you try this technique - it's really fun!

  14. You did a fabulous job on this mosaic layout. Being I live in the USA I buy the grid paper from Mosaic Moments. The mosaic layouts are so fun for me to do and I especially like ones of gardens and flowers...like yours.

  15. Thank you, Diana! =)
    I'd like to buy the grid paper too =) That would make the process much easier! I know it, I cut and measured all those things manually =)