Cat pillows

One bride asked me to make two pillows for her wedding. When I agreed, I thought we were talking about regular small ring-pillows. But it turned out that she needed real couch pillows for the photo shooting.
That's what I made for her:

They don't look very "wedding"-like, nor elegant, because the bride wanted them to look "cozy" and "homemade" to add a touch of coziness to the shooting, which will take place at her wedding this saturday (25th of September).
So I tried to make them as soft, naive and cozy as I could.
Milk-colored fleece soft pillows (40 cm by 40 cm, 16" x 16"), crochet names of the bride and the groom of creamy-chocolate color and yellowish-red felt cats.
That's the close-up of the cat:

I drew about 15 different cats for the bride to choose from, she selected this one: the most "childish" I think =) Eyes are made of tiny pompoms, so they are 3d and they follow you from whereever you look at them.
Red cats in Russia are supposed to bring good luck - I hope these cats will make the newly weds' life prosperous and lucky too =)


  1. The pillows are very cute! I hope the wedding goes well too.

  2. Какие коты хорошенькие!!! Супер!!!

  3. Спасибо, девушки =)
    Thank you, Susan =) I hope so too. If I ever happen to get some professional photos from that wedding I'll try to show hem here too =)

  4. Ух ты! Какие лапочки!

  5. Алена , привет! Замечательные котейки у тебя получлись!

  6. Выразительная какая киска!Симпатяга! :) Алена, заходи за наградой! http://fennec-fennec-fox.blogspot.com/2010/09/blog-post_29.html

  7. Вика, Оксана, Карина, спасибо за комплименты =)