A wish of "harmonious pregnancy"

Another project I've been thinking about for a long time.
It is supposed to be a "happy pregnancy" card, I tried it once - here - for a friend of mine, but then I didn't want to depict any person on the card and made only the baby stuff, so the card looks more like "Congrats on your new baby". This time I wanted to make it more obvious and got an idea, which I think is funny.
Have a harmonious pregnancy!
That's how the card looks:

A pregnant lady practicing yoga (isn't it supposed to bring harmony to anyone?). The card consists of two parts: the card itself with the pic and the upper acetate layer where the gingham fabric maternity clothes are fixed. The tummy is filled with cotton, so it's 3d and soft, embellished with a tiny beaded bow.
It's so hard to take a photo of the acetate without taking a pic of yourself! %\
And when you unfasten the two little green brads on the top, the acetate layer can be lifted and you can see the inner layer of the card:

So actually not only the lady is looking for harmony, but the unborn baby too =) Yes, I know that literally this position of the baby isn't healthy, but it's just a cartoon meant to bring a smile to recipient's face =)

The picture is drawn all by myself with color pencils. I also used a few techniques to make it look more interesting.
The hair are made of an unwoven stain ribbon, and the hairdo is embellished with a real blue ribbon:

Some of the bamboos in the background are embossed (using the stencil I designed and created myself), some are only drawn.

And the lower part:

The mat is stitched (so I'm going to take part in Practical scrappers chalenge - stitching) with wool thread; the bonsai tree is made of tissue paper like in my Medici's fountain layout only in 3 times smaller size (again - does anyone know how that is called?) plus microbeads for the ground in a pot. And the candles: I cut them out of bronze-colored paper and covered with real wax (from a melted candle) and tried to make the leaking wax traces, attached black wicks and drew the flame.

So only the sentiment is missing. But since I have no pregnant friend to give this card to - it's not necessary and the card's going to stay in my "project box" =)

Thanks for looking!


  1. Ух-ты! Как здорово!!! Очень красивая работа!!!

  2. Алена, ты не перестаешь нас удивлять!

  3. Спасибо, Оля =) Рада стараться %)

    Susan, thank you ;)

  4. Very creative! It really does have a sense of harmony! THanks for playing at Practical Scrappers!