Card with a story

A sketch challenge at rus-scrap.ru offers the following sketch

Used it for a card.

This card is created for my friend's birthday. He's from Holland. I know him for 13 years. He's a very nice, kind and loving person. This year he wanted to buy a house, but as soon as he gathered the documents - he had an awful experience. His ex-girlfriend, whom he dumped 2 years ago, accused him of premature sexual harrasment. Of course everything's lies and the accusation is just the ex's fantasy. She's nuts, she hurts her own daughters, even beats them, and now she accuses my friend for taking the girls for a walk and helping them with their homework! The case is dismissed now, but that thing left a scar on my friend's soul. He really suffered a lot...
Everything's ok now, he finally made it work with his house and he owns his apts!
That's how I came up to this idea: a bird flying out of the cage into its nest.

That's the cage:

That's the bird and the nest. Orange is a symbol of Holland, right? =)

Background is whta I love most: 12 pieces of blue&green paper stitched to the mat.
But the rest of the card makes me doubt.
Is it okay to remind about the "cage"? Isn't the card too boring? Doesn't it need a sentiment or more embellishments?

And there's the inside of the card:

With this card I'm going to take part in a challenge Things with wings by Simon Says Stamp and Show =)


  1. Как круто! Ты молодец, всегда такие креативные штуки! А как сделала внутри?

  2. Спасибо!
    Внутри - смесь резьбы моего плотттера и маникюрных ножниц %)

  3. Your poor friend ... glad everything turned out well in the end ... some great quilling! Thank you for joining us at Simon Says Stamp and Show for our very first challenge ... here's hoping we see you again next week :0)

  4. Linda, thank you for stopping by and commenting! I'll try to come back again ;)

  5. OH MY...what a sad story....but your bird....IS AMAZING!!!

    Thanks bunches for playin' along with the Design Teamies and Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge!!

  6. nice card,the bird is so cute.Thanks for stopping by my blog:))

  7. Красивая открытка!!! Очень вдохновляет!

  8. kavi, thank you!

    Спасибо, Анастасия =)