Another Paris layout

Another layout for my Paris scrapbook.

I used fabric left from the dress I'm wearing on that photo (I made it myself, so I have plenty of scraps): stitched that right to the basic cardstock.
I loved the colors of the photo and added some pink and yellow.
Я использовала лоскут ткани, оставшийся от пошива того платья, в котором я на фотографии, - пристрочила его к основе. Т.к. цвета на фотографии яркие, я добавила на страничку розового и желтого.
Some closeups / Детали крупным планом:

That's a bunch of crochet flowers, which I received from Nenika as a gift =) plus a few beads and my try in beading: I tried to create forsythia branch, can't say I've done something nice, but I'll see what I can do about it.
Букетик из вязанных цветочков, которые мне подарила Nenika, несколько желтых бусин и моя попытка в бисероплетении - форзиция из стекляруса. Как-то не ахти она получилась, так что я еще подумаю, что с ней делать %)

Journaling, it says: "There's a nameless garden not far from Elysee's palace: silence, clean lawns and bright flowers. And 40 meters away - there's the traffic jam of Champs Elysees". It's hand written on the strips of paper, which is placed behind a piece of netted fabric with pink spots. Plus I added some rough fibers to create that "country" look which the flowers on the pic create =)
Журналинг: "Недалеко от Елисейского дворца есть безымянный сквер: тишина, чистые газоны и яркие цветы. А через 40 метров - оживленное движение Елисейских полей." Написано от руки на полосках бумаги, которая спрятана за лоскутком "газовой" ткани с розовыми точками. Плюс добавила немножко "мочалки" - для создания рустикального стиля, на который так намекают яркие цветочки на фотографии

Entering the following challenges / Участвую в следующих заданиях:
- Hobby Room Challenge - sketch / скетч (31/08)
Scrapstudio SunHouse - sewing-knitting-crochetting-embroidery / Задание 3 - шьем, вяжем, вышиваем (6/9)

Thanks for looking! (Спасибо, что зашли!)


Felted cat card

A card I made to wish a friend of mine happy birthday:
Открытка подруге на день рождения

Looks childish, but bright =)
The cat is felted, red flowers are quilled, tiny white and pink flowers are punched and beaded, sentiment "Meow" is stitched.
Выглядит по-детски, зато жизнерадостно =)
Кошка сваляна по-мокрому из непряденой шерсти, большие красные цветы - квиллинг, мелкие белые и розовые - дырокольные с бисерными серединками, "Мяу" вышито

Entering the following challenges:
Арт-Уголок: Задание 13 Любовь нежность - sketch / скетч (5/9)

Color throwdown #107 - color combo / цветовая палитра.

Sew Many Challenges SMC#24 - Happy birthday! (3/9)
Волшебный мир скрапбукинга - handmade embellishment / самодельное украшение (5/9)
Мой мир скрапбукинга - These funny animals / Эти забавные животные (6/9)


Mona Lisa layout

Another layout for my Paris scrapbook.
This time it's about one of the most famous paintings in Louvre museum:


Button layout

Today I'm presenting my new layout for my Paris scrapbook.
It's called "Eiffel queue" and is devoted to that enormously long line we stayed in to get to the top of the Eiffel tower. Many people in the line made me think about using many small things. And I came up with... buttons! =)

That's the layout. Three photos: a view of tower from underneath; a photo of my husband in the line, and a crowd wanting to visit the tower.

A close up of my buttoned tower:

Some details:

Journaling is written the way to imitate the line of tourists, it says: "23rd of May 2009, saturday: the amount of tourists wanted to go up the Eiffel tower never seizes, so we had to spend 2,5 hours in the line to get the tickets, but still we didn't go to the highest level - there was another line up there..."

With this layout I'm going to take part in a few challenges:
-Good hobby / Творческая мастерская - #8 - use a white sheet of paper as the base / Чистый лист. (ends at 31st of Aug) I actually took a piece of blank watercolor paper and based my layout on it. Clouds and grass are drawn with color pencils. If someone doubts I can show photos "in production" Для работы я использовала простой лист акварельной бумаги; облака и травка нарисованы цветными карандашами. Если кто не верит - могу показать фотографии процесса ;)
-Colour create challenge #51 - I used the necessary colors but was late to link my LO %)
Design dollies challenge - color combination (till 29th of Aug).
-Crafty catz weekly challenge # 46 - Buttons and butteflies (till 26th of Aug). I used a lot of buttons =) And three vellum butterflies I made myself.
-Scrapfit Workout 26 - Dress it up! + use black. (till 30th of Aug) I used some glitter on the butterflies and some buttons have sparkles; some buttons are black. Plus: how can you dress up without buttons? =) Every dress, even a little black one, needs buttons ;)

Thank you for stopping by and looking!
I appreciate your comments highly =)


A wish of "harmonious pregnancy"

Another project I've been thinking about for a long time.
It is supposed to be a "happy pregnancy" card, I tried it once - here - for a friend of mine, but then I didn't want to depict any person on the card and made only the baby stuff, so the card looks more like "Congrats on your new baby". This time I wanted to make it more obvious and got an idea, which I think is funny.
Have a harmonious pregnancy!
That's how the card looks:


Medici's fountain layout

Today I'm going to show you another layout I created for my Paris scrapbook.
It's called "Fontaine Medicis" - in French, of course =)
Это страница для парижского альбома, называется по-французски: Фонтан Медичи

And with this layout I'm going to take part in View-around-you challenge - be inspired by a cake. I thought that being inspired by a cute/gorgeous/amazing/stylish cake is a little boring, so I found a book that's 20 years old and got a picture from there:
С этой страничкой хочу поучаствовать в задании блога "Оглянись вокруг" - вдохновение от тортиков. Вдохновляться красивым, изысканным, потрясающим и стильным тортом может любой, подумала я - и нашла вот это "чудо" в книжке 20-летней давности

Doesn't it look yummy? =) All those piped cream ruffles, chocolate roses and greenish embelishments! That is what I was going to be inspired with.
Вах, какОй красавЭц, а? %) Прошу прощения за качество, фотография уже подвыцвела. Все эти кремовые розочки-рюшечки, цветы из шоколадного крема, зеленоватая глазурь.. Вот этим я и собралась вдохновляться.

That's my layout:
Вот и моя страница:


Brainslug tutorial

I was asked to make a brainslug tutorial. Though I made this toy about a year ago and didn't make any photos during the work, I tried to explain how to make it and drew a few funny pics =)
So I'm ready to present it.
If you're going to repost this tutorial or use it somewhere else, please, don't forget to mention my name and give a link

We will need:
* A piece of green velvet (or any other suitable fabric) about 30cm x 30cm (12” x 12”)
* a ping-pong ball (it’s s standard ball of 40 mm in diameter) – pick white one
* a piece of wire – about 30 cm long (8“)
* something you want to stuff your slug with: cotton, fibers or beads
* needles, pins, threads, scissors and awl (or any pricking tool)
*white and black acrylic paint and a paint brush

What do you need to do:
1) download the pattern:

(click to enlarge)


'cause you're special

This card was inspired by "August sketch challenge" at rus-scrap.ru
by the image of the cake:
Т.к. вдохновлялась я тортиком, собираюсь принять участие в задании блога Оглянись вокруг: Тортики!

Colors on the photo aren't very precise, the sequins are more purple and the flowers are less yellow... Anyway I like it =) Thanks for looking!



Three more twilight cats

Decided to add 3 more ATC to the "Twilight cats" series:

6. Look & see - black cat's eye TAKEN by vikawish
7. Take the sunspot - black-silver-purple squares of all kinds, including i-clayed one, drawn, microbeaded, marbled etc. And a black velvet cat on a golden foil "sunspot" square - TAKEN by Maniasha
8. Relax =) I think it's a nice way to finish the series. Just relax =) TAKEN by tikhonka


My first ATC series

Today I'm presenting my first ATC series.
I called it "Twilight cats". It has nothing to do with the famous vampire saga, but the color scheme - purple, black and silver - is perfect for being called "twilight".