Daddy-to-be-project: life is stripy

Another idea I got for a card to tell a man he's going to become a father =)
There were two major ideas I wanted to incorporate in my new card: 1) make it bright and fun; 2) make it personal - unlike y previous tries (click the label "baby" to see my other ideas)
This card is based on a saying "Life is like a zebra: there are always stripes". So the front cover says: "Life is a STRIPY thing":

And I used laminated cardstock with stripes and lines of all colors.
There are round windows, lids are fixed with brads, and each can be rotated and you can peep inside:

There're different stripes.
When the cover is lifted a picture of striped life can be seen:

A rainbow - colorful stripes; a tiger (kinda my husband) - narrow stripes; raccoon (like it's me) - wide stripes; watermelon - monochrome stripes; striped flowers, striped bees, striped cloud and stripes of the grass below... Sentiment in the upper corner says Stripes can be different!
Everything's handmade, I didn't even use my CraftRobo/ Only my hands, paper and scissors.
The closeup of the main characters:

Tiger is made of velvet paper with lacquer -marker stripes.

The raccoon is made of torn mulberry paper (I have no velvet of white color) with velvet stripes.
And the inside of the card:

"...two thin, but very important stripes have come to our life!"
And there's the positive pregnancy test.
And a raccoon. Among watermelon seeds =) So, try to guess - is she pregnant or just ate the whole watermelon alone? =))


  1. Поздравляю! Удачи твоему пузику-арбузику :)

  2. Спасибо, конечно =) Но пузико-арбузико нарисованное пока =) И полосочки нарисованные. Все пока "в проекте" ;) я только открытки сочиняю, а "начинять" их настоящими "полосками" пока рановато =)

  3. This has got to be one of the most clever and unique cards I've ever seen! A brilliant idea, beautifully crafted from paper! It's wonderful!

  4. Our Little Inspirations, thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! I appreciate your attention =)

  5. Прямо как детская книжечка! Очень здорово про полосочки все придумано!

  6. Ну вот, у меня аж сердце екнуло (удивилась только, что ты такое личное показала), пальчики за вас скрестила, а ты...в проекте...рановато...
    Бросайте эти (...рановато...)глупости. А пальчики я не отпущу.
    Самого-самого вам.... .....нужного....

  7. Astra, спасибо =) Примерно такого - "детско-книжного" эффекта я и добивлась, значит, удалось ;)
    Nenika, да мы б не против =) "рановато" в смысле поздравлять, результата нет, но за пальчики спасибо, пригодятся ;)

  8. И я пальчики держу - чтоб наконец результат был! :))) Удачи вам!