A thousand years ago I promised to show the pics of my half-bathroom, where my husband and I have made an improvement recently. I have already shown the "thank you" card I gave to my husband for that =) Now it's time for the bathroom itself.

Sorry for the poor quality of pics: black walls absorb the light greatly, but silver details make it impossible to use a flash. A mount for the camera would be perfect, but I don't have one, besides there isn't much space in the room, it's less than 1 m^2.
The main view:

Dark-dark gray velvety wallpaper with black'n'silver dotted flower pattern. Black tiled floor with silver swirls, which look like the swirls on the ceiling. Silver door. And hand painted bowl (+accessories)

View of the bowl painting: the flowers repeats the wallpaper pattern. The floor embellishment has swirls, which are bigger and less grouped than on the ceiling.

View of the ceiling and lamp. Ceiling is covered with soft polystirol tiles with embossed swirls. Swirls on the lamp were created by the producer; I don't dare to paint the heated objects yet.

The door. With a glass insert. Another thing that distracts the first-time bathroom visitors from their aim =))) A thought whether this glass detail is transparent or not =) It's not, absolutely. But it turned out to be great: you can see whether the bathroom's occupied (e.g. the light is lit inside) without knocking on the door; you can still use the toilet when the light is completely off - the glass lets some light ffrom the outside come in the room.

A paper holder, also painted. Plus "toilet paper origami" =)))

Cleaning brush, silver. The basement is also painted.

That's it. I actually love it. It's cozy, it's ideal for night 'visits' (no bright light which hurts the eyes), it's very "of-my-style". =)
Speaking of why the bowl isn't black: we wanted to buy a black one. But we also looked for the anti-splash construction. None of the black ones we've seen met our demands: they were either ugly or splashy. But thinking of the white bowl afterwards I decided that it's better than the black one: a) you actually see it and have less chances to miss it =))) b) the paintings look better on the white one. =)
Thanks for looking!
Русская версия: Russian version in my LJ


  1. Обалдеть! Даже туалетная бумага на первой фотке в тон :) Из такого туалета уходить не захочется.
    А у меня не получилось таой бантик свернуть.

  2. Спасибо =) Я надеялась найти совсем-совсем черную, но увы, не получилось =)
    Почему бантик не получилось? Это ж самое простое, кажется..

  3. ООО, ну ничего себе, первый раз вижу такой туалет :))) а вообще там светло? журнал почитать можно? :)

  4. Лена, ну вот и мы таких не встречали, а захотелось =) Еще бы унитаз черный... но они все оказались неудобные, а потом очень радовалась, что он не черный! Потому что ночью там точно были бы "аварии" =)
    Света там мало, это точно. Читать можно, но не рекомендуется. =) Зато ночью ходить туда спросоня - один кайф! Глаза не режет, свет мягкий, рассеянный, убаюкивает. По сравнению с теми пытками, что были при стандартных белых стенках - вообще супер =))

  5. Все ясно :))) Спасибо за такой развернутый ответ ;)