Alternative quilled roses

Russian version of this tutorial - Все то же самое, только по-русски!
Many of you know how to fold roses, and there's a plenty of different tutorials about folding them, e.g. How-to-fold-rose by Increations.
One day I visited a book store and saw "hand made" cards by Pirip company. The roses were different: less wide, higher, and the 'petals' seem to swirl out of the bud but not around the center - so they look "airy". That attracted my attention, I found no tutorials in the Internet and felt too greedy to pay 10$ for the card to unmount the single rose =) So I investigated the problem myself. And I'm going to share my observations.
That's the scheme:

That's a strip of paper 0,5 cm (1/4") wide and 8 cm (3") long. About 5 cm (2") of it has lines with angle of approximately 25 deg. and with about 4 mm between them (a little less than 1/4").

Let's fold the strip:

Fold according to the lines, the part with inclined lines should form an almost vertical bellow, and the folds should be parallel to each other. The rest of the strip can be folded slightly too or not - it's up to you, it doesn't matter much. If you do fold the rest - fix the folds with a drop of glue.

Let's quill. Start at the right end, insert it in the slot and roll contra clockwise.

Be gentle with the zigzag part, don't press it too hard, but hold it securely - don't let it unfold. In the end of the process - apply a drop of glue and press gently until it adheres well.
How long should the strip be, how wide, how much do you want to fold "vertically" and how tight - it's up to you, you'll find the best answer after testing and trying.
And that's what I've got:

If you have any questions or comments - I'd love to hear from you!


  1. OOOh Wow !This is sooo neat!Thanks for the tutorial

  2. прикольно!
    интересно прлучается!
    спасибо за мк!

  3. Very interesting! So if I understand you correctly, the first four folds are the ones you recommend gluing flat? (...the ones at the right hand end, before the unfolded area?) Will have to do some experimenting today; thanks for the idea.

  4. Shraddha, Pastila - thanks for commenting =)

    Ann Martin, thank you for commenting =) Yes, these four folds on the right are optional. If you do want to make them - you'd better glue them flat, because if you roll them unglued they will surely unfold as you roll. If you don't want to fold the right end - it's ok, the center of the bud will be less "busy" but you won't have do deal with gluing these folds flat. Actually there isn't much difference.

  5. What a GORGEOUS rose!!
    I will definitely experiment as I have never found a rose pattern that gave me a realistic rose appearance. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Atimetoquill, thanks for the compliments =) Hoping it will be helpful for you =)

  7. wow....I will use this in my cards too. Thanks a lot for your share this.
    once more again,thank you for your compliments on my blog.

    keep in touch ..ok..

  8. Susan, kittymitty - thank you for commenting =)

  9. Oh, wow! Beautiful. I am sitting in front of my computer hoping that I get this done correctly, but to no avail. Five tries later and I still haven't master it. I will, though. I don't give up easily. Thank you for the instructions.

    1. Good luck =) It's not that hard though... hmm, maybe you can try to quill standard roses, BUT instead of folding the strip in the same way alternate the folds: hill - valley - hill - valley, that will create almost the same effect or will help you understand and control the process.. is there anything I can do to help you more? =)

  10. sorry i cant understand the quilling part that means how to quill the paper.Plz help me

    1. I'm not quite sure what you mean... you can't understand how to roll the strip?.. uhm... insert the end of the strip into the slot of the tool and turn the tool, twist it, the strip will form a roll. Use your other hand's fingers to help the strip bend the right way and secure the folds. Maybe you have more specific questions?..