Birthday card for MIL

It's a card I make for my mother-in-law's birthday.
The middle pic is embroidered with ribbons. I used ink pad to brush the "grass" frame to make it brighter. The sentiment is embellished with microbeaded shaker. The butterfly is also beaded.


Alternative quilled roses

Russian version of this tutorial - Все то же самое, только по-русски!
Many of you know how to fold roses, and there's a plenty of different tutorials about folding them, e.g. How-to-fold-rose by Increations.
One day I visited a book store and saw "hand made" cards by Pirip company. The roses were different: less wide, higher, and the 'petals' seem to swirl out of the bud but not around the center - so they look "airy". That attracted my attention, I found no tutorials in the Internet and felt too greedy to pay 10$ for the card to unmount the single rose =) So I investigated the problem myself. And I'm going to share my observations.
That's the scheme:

That's a strip of paper 0,5 cm (1/4") wide and 8 cm (3") long. About 5 cm (2") of it has lines with angle of approximately 25 deg. and with about 4 mm between them (a little less than 1/4").

Let's fold the strip:

Fold according to the lines, the part with inclined lines should form an almost vertical bellow, and the folds should be parallel to each other. The rest of the strip can be folded slightly too or not - it's up to you, it doesn't matter much. If you do fold the rest - fix the folds with a drop of glue.

Let's quill. Start at the right end, insert it in the slot and roll contra clockwise.

Be gentle with the zigzag part, don't press it too hard, but hold it securely - don't let it unfold. In the end of the process - apply a drop of glue and press gently until it adheres well.
How long should the strip be, how wide, how much do you want to fold "vertically" and how tight - it's up to you, you'll find the best answer after testing and trying.
And that's what I've got:

If you have any questions or comments - I'd love to hear from you!


Daddy-to-be-project: life is stripy

Another idea I got for a card to tell a man he's going to become a father =)
There were two major ideas I wanted to incorporate in my new card: 1) make it bright and fun; 2) make it personal - unlike y previous tries (click the label "baby" to see my other ideas)
This card is based on a saying "Life is like a zebra: there are always stripes". So the front cover says: "Life is a STRIPY thing":

And I used laminated cardstock with stripes and lines of all colors.
There are round windows, lids are fixed with brads, and each can be rotated and you can peep inside:


quiLLing and quiLTing

Today I'm going to share my new project with you.
Hey, fellow quillers, have you ever seen a kind google suggestion "did you mean quilTing" when you inquired about quilling? That urged me on combining these two techniques, and there's what I've got:

This card is going to take part in a few challenges:
Gingersnap Creations - Shades of blue: the quilting is blue, the quilling is blue... =)
Practical Scrappers - Using your stash older than 1 year: in 2002 I was in Jo-Ann store and was so happy to see the precut squares for quilting of according colors, so I couldn't resist buying that! But I never used the fabric: for a normal large quilt that was too little, and making a small work wasn't inspiring enough, so the squares stayed untouched until this month! I finally did the quilting and integrated it into a card =) I also used even older stuff: the darkest cloth and the one with blue bows were bought about 20 years ago - I wasn't even going to school yet =)
Colour Throwdown - Marina Mist, Wild Wasabi and Not quite Navy: the green leaves aren't very 'wasabi', but I think they're close
Paper Sundaes - Make your own flowers: quilled violets (do they count?)
Crafty Calendar Challenge - Summer: what do these cold shades have to do with summer? Let me explain. This summer in Moscow, where I live, is enormously hot for our region (+37C), so depicting fun-in-the-sun, heat or anything bright would make me totally 'baked' and exhausted. This summer I'm dreaming about a shady garden, with flowers and light cool wind playing in the leaves; lying on the lounge with that rural-style quilt, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather... =) I want my summer to be that way =)
Raise the Bar - Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue: Old - most of the fabric; new - light-blue paper and quilled flowers; borrowed - wire I used for the flower stems I borrowed from my husband's stash; blue - well, that's obvious =) - I managed to get into the three of week's picks, that's flattering =)
Thanks for looking! Comments are appreciated =)


Butterfly brooch

That's a butterfly brroch I gave to my mom as a birthday gift years ago (not sure how many, about 10, I guess)



A thousand years ago I promised to show the pics of my half-bathroom, where my husband and I have made an improvement recently. I have already shown the "thank you" card I gave to my husband for that =) Now it's time for the bathroom itself.

Sorry for the poor quality of pics: black walls absorb the light greatly, but silver details make it impossible to use a flash. A mount for the camera would be perfect, but I don't have one, besides there isn't much space in the room, it's less than 1 m^2.
The main view: