Wedding layout with lilacs

Today I'm showing my project I've done for the May-themed challenge at rus-scrap.ru. It took 5th place out of 50.

Size is 20 x 20 cm (8" x 8"). The background is bright-green embossed cardboard. There are three wedding photos of my husband and I among lilacs. Corners of the photos are embellished with spirella-like threads.
White lace and satin skeleton ribbon with bright-green thin ribbon.
The bigger photo is framed with lavender stripes, crossed with white (to correspond with the above mentioned ribbon). And two lilac sprays made out of beads left from the dress beading at the corners.

There's a poem written in ink by hand on a piece of embossed vellum. The poem, which I've composed myself, says:

Awe, excitement, morning - plus 30C
Purple bouquet, white chiffon,
Registry office, expectation, happy faces
"Man and wife" - it seems to be a dream.
"Moscow 88", lilac garden,
Showers, racoon, round loaf,
Aroma of fragrant lilac sprays,
That was our reckless May.
That day has bound our fates:
May, a kiss, love and lilacs.

Well, in Russian it makes more sense and has better rhyme =) If I'll have some inspiration I'll make an English version of it.

And the main embellishment, a quilled lilac spray:

I used stripes of 3 colors (lilac, mauve and lavender) and 3 widths: 3 mm - standard and these stripes cut in 2 and 3 parts. Flowers are brushed with purple ink pads a little. Each flower has a golden microbead on the middle.
Leaves are created with loops of 2 green shades.

There were problems I faced when making this layout, and frankly speaking I don't like it much, so I plan to disintegrate it and make a lovely framed lilacs-only work. =) So stay tuned, I'll complete it someday!


  1. Ах вот чья это работа была! Классная! Сирень на страничке смотрится здорово. Особенно мне понравилось, отдельные от ветки цветки.

  2. Спасибо =) Я эту фотку второй раз использую, так что при желании меня можно было узнать %)
    Надо будет переделать в нечто приличное и повесить на стенку. Люблю сирень ж)

  3. Красиво все как! А стихи своего сочинения?

  4. Astra, спасибо!
    Да, стихи собственного сочинения =) Кто ж еще будет писать про енотов и ливень? ж)