"Tour Eiffel" Scrapbook layout

Another layout for my future Paris album:

I chose the photos and analyzed their color scheme. Found out that the best trio would be: chocolate, vanilla (well, butter-milk or ivory or something of the kind) and olive. It would be perfect for Colour Throwdown Challange, but I submitted this layout to a May-themed challenge at rus-scrap.ru and they forbid taking part in any other challenges, so I missed it.

I love all the things that can be touched, moved, lifted, turned etc. So I decided to make a layout with a flap. The unattached flap would look boring, so I wanted to fix it somehow. Buttons are commonly used, and I wanted something new and unexperienced. A zipper! Have you ever seen a layout with a zipper? =) I haven't, so I used it. Bought a few ones and didn't know which colour's best; when I was thinking about it I watched the Runway show on Mtv, where designers had to create an Olympic outfit for American sportsmen. And one of the guys combined two parts of different zippers. Bingo! =) I combined two parts of my zippers too: chocolate and old olive. And changed the charm from ordinary and boring one to bijou Eiffel tower.

The flap is decorated with a tower, done by "flower soft" and plastic flowers (some are hand made others are bought at the local nail-art store):

The upper part of the flap has the title on it. Tour Eiffel - it's french like all other LO titles in my Paris album. The outline of the characters is embroidered with chocolate thread and then filled with light green microbeads and colorless gems.

The main photo has the handdrawn frame - done with colored penciles:

The buttermilk background has an embossed diagonal (/) flower stripe.

Smaller photos are framed with chocolate frames with flowers. I chose 4 photos of us and the tower. Have you ever seen a poster called "Place prepositions" for kids? =) I had a French textbook in my childhood. "La souris est derrière la tour", "La souris est pres de la tour" etc =) and a mouse near/under/behind/on/in front of the tower depicted. So the idea was the same. I think I should sign the photos in the same manner in French.

Ok, let's open the zipper.

The inner green part is lighter than the outter side. The flowers fly away from the tower and you can see a 3d model of the tower popping up. I drew the model myself and then cut it from the pearl-colored paper with my CraftRobo. Have to say I love the 3d effect =)

And the journaling. Below: "Our paper (second) wedding anniversary was celebrated in the most romantic city in the world. We had a professional photoshooting during the walk along the Seine. The tour began at Trocadero." Above: "Steel lady of Paris is the most well-known symbol of the city. It was built by Gustave Eiffel in 1887-1889, it was opened for public on the 6th of May 1889. Height - 324 m, consists of 18038 details which weigh 7300 tonns"


  1. Очень романтично! Оригинальная идея с молнией. Больше всего восхитила башня из малюсеньких цветочков!

  2. Astra, cпасибо большое! =)

  3. Потрясающая страничка, меня тоже покорили молния и башенка из цветочков! Браво!

  4. Спасибо =) Приятно получать комментарии, а такие особенно ж)