Clothes for a bear-lady

Some years ago my mom and I walked in Columbia Mall, MD, and passed by a cute store: Build-a-bear workshop. A funny curly face smiled at us from the box and we couldn't resist her charm; so our Honey was born. The store is amazing - that's something I dreamt about in my childhood; now we have this store in Moscow, too; and it doesn't impress as much as it did during my first visit. Yet I love it! =)
So, I have a teddy bear and as she's a 100% girl - she needs a lot of dresses =)
Buying at Build-a-bear is fun, but sometimes it's expensive and as bears like Honey are already "out of stock" not all clothes sold fit her well.
I took the needles and the threads... And here are some of her clothes I've created.

A skirt and a sweater. Socks and shoes were bought at the store, I'm not that good at shoes-making =)

Holiday suit: white and mint colored jacket and a skirt with embroidered hearts. Note the hole for tail on the back of skirt =)

A cozy set to wear at home: knitted overalls and corresponding jacket. Bunny-slippers were bought at Build-a-bear's.