Male card "Thank you"

Haven't posted anything lately, sorry =)
Working at my scrapbooking album and hoping to take part in rus-scrap.ru May-challenge. A thousands ideas, a hundred details and hours of fine crafting. But can't show anything before the contest results are announced.
So I'm going to show you something old (hope i haven't shown that before)

A card for my husband as a "thank you" for completed improvement of our bathroom.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking.
A sheet of black cardboard marbled with silver; a piece of black pastel paper; a piece of half-bathroom wallpaper (yes! that dark-gray paper with wonderful black umbels and silver dots is a piece of the bathroom wallpaper)
There's a small silver wrench in the center. It's real, but small; bought one at the local store especially for the card. And added a small birhgt-red satin bow on the wrench.
The sentiment says "Thanks!" and it is made out of "male handcrafts" stuff =)
Safety fuse, staples, screws, ball bearing, resistor, nail, wire... All details are fixed with tiny pieces of wire. I also outlined the characters with white to make them readable.
The mat with wrench and sentiment is fixed on the card with screw-like brads.
Their "tails" are visible inside of the card. There's a photo of the inside of the card:

I used the brads' tails to create a small drawing with dimension lines and done in the way of official document. The style is a real State Standard thing, the "stamp" in the lower right corner, the legend, the font style, everything's done in the "standard" way =) So that's a real msculine card I created for my husband =)