Quilled name in flowers

Two months and two days ago my colleague (I made that happy pregnancy card for her) gave birth to a wonderful girl, they called her Anna. So I'm gonig to wish her happy childhood for her daughter and give my best regards to the whole family. So I wanted to create something unique for the girl, and I came up with the idea of her name quilled with flowers:

That's another try to come closer to Yulia Brodskaya talent (the idea I took from her "Bye" work). Added some beads and used pastel colors to make it look girlish =)
I see a couple of blunders here, but in general I like the card. It feels like I'm improving my skills every time =)

There's another photo, in the sunlight (yeah, I know that I'm a poor photographer! =) )

And all that was placed into an envelope and tied with a pink ribbon:


  1. So beautiful. Congratulations.

  2. Ой,как красиво!Это ж надо столько терпения иметь,чтобы такую красоту сделать!!!

  3. Спасибо большое =)

  4. Wow that is amazing! What extensive work and the quilling is gorgeous!

  5. Okispice, thanks for the compliment! =)

  6. Your quilling is absolutely unbelievable!!