New project: scrapbooking about Paris

There's the beginning of my new big project.
On the second wedding anniversary my husband and I went to Paris. A pile of photos, a lot of impressions, even had a professional photoshooting there =) So, having tried all possible and impossible techniques in my wedding scrapbook, so I'm feeling I'm ready for a _real_ scrapbook with French stuff.
Now it's gonna be all "as it should be": background, mats, a range of papers, journaling, titles etc. And here's my first experience, a CHEESE layout:

All photos can be clicked to be enlarged. Though I'm a poor page-photographer =)
The base is 30x30 (12"x12") Ursus "Vintage" yellowish-prange paper with sack-texture. I chose it to create a slight rustical style. =)

The title is "Fromagerie" - e.g. "cheese dairy". The characteers are cut with my CraftRobo out of blue and white papers (according to the sign on the wall of the store) and glued together, then put on the layout with the help of pop-up squares:

On the left - there's a photo of my husband standing near the entrance. Two details caught my attention: a cow figurine and the green-yellow border under the cheese counter.
So I repeated the cow silhouette, cut the details of it from white paper with CraftRobo. Didn't have the black paper at hand, so had to use pencils to make the pieces black where it's needed. And brushed the edges with black ink pad plus added a few shadows. Actually I love this cow =)
The second detail - squares - I wanted to use in a frame. I decided to make it simple: print out, cut out, glue down. But when I printed them they looked cheap and soooo boring that I saved them for the rainy day and took my collection of paper to browse to find a decent paper. I like textures - I like when it's nice to touch, so I looked for something "touchy". Finally I used green foiled and fir-twigs-textured cardstock (Ursus) and yellow velvet paper. Feels great to touch and provides a kind of sophisticated looks.
Under the title there's a introduction to journaling written by hand right on the textured base (that's why the text looks a little bumpy). It says: "The first guided tour in Paris. "Magical world of French cheeses". Ten o-clock, a small genuine French cheese store at Rue Montorgueil. The 'magical' scent of the cheese can be felt in a few meters away from the entrance. There're two charming Frenchmen working in the store."

Frenchmen working in the store - their photo. When I told my mom about our trip I tried to explained who were these people on the photo, and then this word came out: СЫРНИКИ. The word consists of Russian word for "cheese" and a suffix which is used to create a noun meaning "-maker" (words like butcher, milkman etc are made with with suffix). But the original meaning of this word is actually "cheesecakes" =) But I liked the casuistry and so I put this word under the French cheesemakers photo. The character are cut out from the white slightly textured watercolor paper, inked with a yellow ink pad, and the holes in cheese-like letter are marked with red pencils to make the hole stand out:

The mat under the "cheesecakers" photo also has a cheese "taste": it's brushed with the same ink pad and then I used a little pricking with needles of different sizes to make holes of different sizes to imitate the cheese again =)
Journaling supports the style of the title: white and blue. It says: "19 types of cheese, three beverages - apple wine, chablis, burgundy - and three sorts of loafs. The best tasting cheese were: Pommard, Salers, Comte and Mimolette (24). The worst was Bleu du gex. Actually we found out that we are no fans of French cheeses. A desire to eat disappeared until the evening, desire to eat cheese - for a week, desire to eat French cheese - for a few months" =)

In the left lower corner there's a plate with cheese, which I cut out of a photo, because there were someone's legs and bottom on the background =) The plate is fixed with pop-up squares to make it stand out and to hide a pretty thick center of the napkin fan below it. The fan is made out of servette with cheese patern, which was given to us as a souvenire during that sampling:

A subtitle "Plateau de Fromage" - is also a part of that napkin, glued down and covered with vernice: a kind of "decoupage" experience =)

And finally the main secret of the layout: memorabilia =) At the sampling tour we were given papers with cheese names and pens to write down our impressions, I also wrote down all the stories the guide provided us with =) These papers must be preserved. So I put them into a zip-lock envelope. On the layout you can see a cheese-like border above my husband's photo. Pull it:

And the envelope comes out from behind of the page. The upper pocket keeps a cheese-like tag (used a circle punch of two sizes) with a title "Fromage" (cheese) and the date.
The envelope is fixed to the cheese-border with small yellow brads. I also ysed brads to fix two paper clips, which help keeping the border in place even if you turn the layout upside down.
That's my first real scrapboking page.

Og yes, I know that it's hard to find that classical yellow cheese with big holes in France, French cheeses are moldy, rotten, covered with mildew etc. But I thought that yellow + holes look much better and recognizeable than blue mold on the page =)

Comments are appreciated =)


  1. Очень аппетитная страничка! А чем сделаны такие аккуратные сырные дырочки разных размеров?

  2. Спасибо!
    Дырочки везде, кроме тэга в кармашке конверта, сделаны с помощью режущего плоттера CraftRobo. На тэге - дыроколом.

  3. Елена! Здоровская страничка получилась!!!
    Я все больше "влюбляюсь" в твой плоттер CraftRobo. Эти сырные кружавчики, буковки - супер! Здорово придумано и исполнено!!!
    Текст, написанный от руки,заметки на полях тега,придают подлинность моменту. Кармашек здорово продумала. Он оказывается еще и с файлом.Можно достать и прочитать все заметки.
    Названия сыров на подносе ты сама подписывала?
    Буренка, мышонок-такие милашки. Я даже здесь чувствую-вся страничка пропитана запахом вкуснейшего сыра...
    Отличная работа! По-настоящему скраповая страничка получилась, и такая красивая,запоминающаяся! Молодчина!
    Надеюсь,будет продолжение вашей поездки, и мы ее увидим.

  4. Елена, спасибо большое за такой детальный и позитивный отзыв! =) Очень приятно =)
    Названия сыров я не сама писала, они там были: в каждый сорт сыра эти товарищи-сырники воткнули по дощечке, где написали название. Я еще думала как-нибудь это выделить, подчеркнуть, но масштаб маловат, да и перегружать не хотелось =)
    Запах сыра, кстати, лучше не ассоциировать со страницей =) Ибо французский сыр пахнет плесенью, тухлятиной и гнилью =)))
    Спасибо большое за комплименты и вдохновление =)

  5. Thank you, Alia! Much appreciated! Will be glad to see you again =)