Fibers, floss and ribbons

I have to say that I love to use fibers in my projects =)
And Practical Scrappers offer a challenge, where fiber, floss or ribbon are to be used. I just want to share a few ideas I used in my wedding scrapbook which I've completed not so long ago =)
So, let me show off (or remind those who have seen that already) some of the fiber-ribbon ideas:

A doodle: two fibers (yellow and green) twisted together and glued in a shape of doodle. How to make a nice doodle you may ask? Easy! =) Print out a doodle you like (there's a plenty of them in the Internet you can use for free) or draw it yourself. Then place a piece of paper with the doodle right on the place where you want to make a fiber doodle - and trace it with an embossing tool (or a crochet, a pen, a knitting needle etc). You'll have a slightly pressed trace on the place you want the doodle to be. Take the fiber, glue the trace and place it to cover the trace! There you go:


Here I used ribbons to make a frame. The white ribbon is folded to support the plaits on my gown and handbag. A close-up:


Embroidery on paper. Loop stitch, simple stitch and A-stitch. Tip: when embroidering on paper prick it first, from the "face" side, so that all the holes will be equal, round and neat. And only then place fiber between the holes =)


Fibers and shaped satin ribbons - to make frames. =) Simple and easy.


Ribbon weaving: the whole page filled with tiny ribbon net. It took a lot of time and enegry to complete it, but I love the look of it, and even more I like how it feels to touch =)


I call it "fiber quilling". =) The baloons are made out of fibers. Rolled tightly in a circle and glued down. If anyone wants - I can try to make a tutorial.


These layouts are connected: they are made on both sides of one cardstock page. And they both have round openings in the top corner (cut through), netted with spirella of fibers =) On the first LO I also used a fiber looped edge for the central photo and a freeform fiber connecting the bouquet parts.

And the second one has another fiber spirella and also note the corners: they are weaved with floss too!


A raccoon page. Used green, golden and blue ribbons of corresponding colors to support the color scheme.


  1. this is just wonderful!!! thank you so much for playing with us ♥
    Спасибо, что зашла к нам в гости :)

  2. Спасибо за комментарий ;)

  3. wow, so many ideas how to use ribbons... thanks a lot for this inspiration!

  4. Wowza, your "fiber quilling" is fantastic! I love all the creative uses you demonstrate on this fabby layout! Love it! Thanks for joining us at Practical Scrappers this week!
    Kim xXx

  5. Gabriele, Kim, thanks for looking and commenting! Happy to be helpful =) Good luck!