Fibers, floss and ribbons

I have to say that I love to use fibers in my projects =)
And Practical Scrappers offer a challenge, where fiber, floss or ribbon are to be used. I just want to share a few ideas I used in my wedding scrapbook which I've completed not so long ago =)
So, let me show off (or remind those who have seen that already) some of the fiber-ribbon ideas:

A doodle: two fibers (yellow and green) twisted together and glued in a shape of doodle. How to make a nice doodle you may ask? Easy! =) Print out a doodle you like (there's a plenty of them in the Internet you can use for free) or draw it yourself. Then place a piece of paper with the doodle right on the place where you want to make a fiber doodle - and trace it with an embossing tool (or a crochet, a pen, a knitting needle etc). You'll have a slightly pressed trace on the place you want the doodle to be. Take the fiber, glue the trace and place it to cover the trace! There you go:


Lilac, grey and white

A card created for the Colour Create Challenge: lilac, grey and white with an option of gingham. I love lilac! And couldn't miss the opportunity =) Although I'm entering on the last day.
So, here's my card:

Grey gingham mat, patterned lilac paper, white cardboard. Silver stamping. And lilac ribbons with bows and a few beads in round windows. Vellum-embossed 'lace'. Can't name the manufacturer of anything: everything's from my stash, the scraps =)))
As always: I have no fine idea how to have a pic of lilacs and purple to make them look actually lilac and purple but not blue =( In real life they look better corresponding. And the card has the more parallel lines =)

And with these ribbons I'm going to take part in 'Fiber, floss & ribbon' Practical scrappers challenge.

Thanks for looking!


Quilled name in flowers

Two months and two days ago my colleague (I made that happy pregnancy card for her) gave birth to a wonderful girl, they called her Anna. So I'm gonig to wish her happy childhood for her daughter and give my best regards to the whole family. So I wanted to create something unique for the girl, and I came up with the idea of her name quilled with flowers:

That's another try to come closer to Yulia Brodskaya talent (the idea I took from her "Bye" work). Added some beads and used pastel colors to make it look girlish =)
I see a couple of blunders here, but in general I like the card. It feels like I'm improving my skills every time =)

There's another photo, in the sunlight (yeah, I know that I'm a poor photographer! =) )

And all that was placed into an envelope and tied with a pink ribbon:


New project: scrapbooking about Paris

There's the beginning of my new big project.
On the second wedding anniversary my husband and I went to Paris. A pile of photos, a lot of impressions, even had a professional photoshooting there =) So, having tried all possible and impossible techniques in my wedding scrapbook, so I'm feeling I'm ready for a _real_ scrapbook with French stuff.
Now it's gonna be all "as it should be": background, mats, a range of papers, journaling, titles etc. And here's my first experience, a CHEESE layout:


Quilled text

Copying another post from my old Russian blog here...
My first try of quilled text. Inspired by Yulia Brodskaya's work "The Magic is in the telling". Tried to make a swirly-quilly phrase "Loving you" in Russian:

Can't say I like this work a lot, but still want to share =)
There's a few reasons why this work isn't my favourite, so you have a chance to learn with my mistakes =)
1) I used watercolour paper for both: card and strips, wanted to play with that "monochrome"-thing. Yet the watercolour paper isn't ideal for cutting strips and for rolling them, The strips appear to be very fluffy anf the rolls tend to "break", but not bend. So I had to "stretch" every strip with the help of backside of the sciccors before rolling.
2) composition's far from perfect, especially the left side, it seems to be very heavy. Yet I do like the second and the 5th character of the first word =)
That was the time when I first got the idea that I should learn some calligraphy =) Draw what you want to create before you quill anything =)

Currently I'm working at another quilled text project, hoping to complete it this week and to show =) Thanks for looking!!!