Watermelon card

Does anyone long for summer? Personally I am sick of snow, ice and minus-five-C-temperature. Let me add a little summer feelings in your life today =)
The same challenge "March gingerbread", that I entered with a cat-n-yarn card. Used another idea. Here it is: my round circles!

Watermelon! Juicy green cardstock as a base, the watermelon represents the circles on the sketch.

How to make a watermelon: cut out 4 circles with 1-cm difference in diameters. Pinned them together to an old mouse pad, covered with a scrap of paper. Painted layered circles with light-green acrylic paint. Without moving them I drew dark-green stripes. Unfastened the circles and let them dry separately: if I left them the way I painted them they would stick together forever. Then I painted the inside of the watermel. Took a red InkPad and using a cotton ball rubbed the inner part of the melon: from center to the edge, there must be a white part of the rind between the red and the green part. The color of the inkpad looked a little "unripe", so I had to apply some color-pencil-powder. If I will ever repeat the card - I'll use the powder without the inkpad.
And then I put the layers back together with a handmade "brad" made of wire and a piece of "craft" paper, which looks like a shoot.
The bottom line is made of "watermelon slices":

3 circles of green, white and red. Seeds are drawn. One of the slices is "bitten off" with small scissors. This slice is a little "popped up". And a bee flying around the watermelons with its mulberry wings.

And in the very bottom of the card, on the yellow paper there's a sentiment "Congratulations":

It's made of the nail-decoration pieces. I bought a plastic stick at the everything-for-nails store. Unfortunatelly, I don't feel like working with plastic myself yet, so had to buy premade decorations.

But the most interesting part is in the large watermelon. It's pinned in the shoot place only, so we can turn the slices around it! Let's see what's there inside...

There's a wish of "Love" made with seeds =)

The next slice:

wishes you "Good health!"

And the seeds of the last one wish you "Happiness":

Thanks for looking! Comments are appreciated =)