Tropical sea card

Today is a national holiday in Russia - 'International women's day', greetings for everyone who's celebrating! And there's a greeting card my husband and I gave to my mother-in-law. With a gift (money for her trip to the sea). That's why the card has no traditional bouquets, titles "8th of march" etc.

Unfortunately, I had only one night to complete the card and had no time to take a photo of it. So I have the only photo, no details, sorry.
The card consists of two parts: the pop-up frame and the inner pic.
The frame is cut out of "jute"-pattern embossed beige cardstock with pearl surface. On top of it I places a tropical vein with flowers. Wanted to make kanzashi orchids, but had no time for that. The green vein had to be cut with a CraftRobo but I was mistaken with the depth of cut and so it failed to complete the task and I had to cut this thing out with small scissors. And 20 punched flowers (light pink, magenta, pearl pink and white) with bright beaded centers.

The inner picture: I drew the clouds with the help of masking technique - cut out the clouds, put them on the card, and rubbed a cotton ball dipped in color-pencil-powder against it. Then repeated it a few times. I liked it more than using a stamping ink pad for this effect. If you rub too intensively you can always fix it with a eraser unlike the ink pad error.
The sea consists of torn strips of "handcrafted" paper by Rayher. A fluffy sea shore =)

Sand: colored with color-pencil-powder semolina. I had no real sand, so used a part of my breakfast =) Glued it with white glue and fixed with nail polish: to avoid the falling of and to make it look "wet" =)

Palm: steam is made of champagne cork (it has no hole in it unlike any other wine cork =) ). Leaves are done in quilling technique. And I also brushed the leaves with yellowish ink pad to create the "sunshine" effect. Though it's hardly seen on this photo..

The Sun: iris-folding. Used yellow and orange foil.

Grass: hand cut pieces of green cardstock glued to the card chaotically.

This card also has a pocket for money inside of it: made of the same jute-cardstock and with punched flowers. =)

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