Small cat card by sketch

Project Rus-scrap.ru with a craft store Memuaris have announced a challenge called March gingerbread.
A card by sketch is to be made till the 24th of March:

Then there will be a random draw and a winner will get a prize:

I liked the sketch and found about 5 different ideas of applying it to a card. Some a pretty complicated, so I'm not sure whether I'll be able to make them all, so if you need an idea for that challenge - I can lend you one =)
So far I've created the simpliest one. A cat card:

Glossy silver cardstock, embossed with wood Fiskars pattern; circles are represented by a lavender yarn ball, which ran away from a cat. I made the circles so rough on purpose - to make them look natural.
There's a small black velvet greeneyed kitty sitting on the bottom of the card strectching her paw to get the yarn ball =) It stays on the velvet lilac strip with an instigating sentiment "Have fun!"
The size is actually small, there's a cat in comparison to a coin (coin is smaller than a dime):

It's clear&simple, yet i like it. Going to torture the sketch again =)