My wedding scrapbook - part 5

The final part.

Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

Sixty eighth page:

Photos: A raccoon! A real one, live, natural raccoon. It was my husband's surprise for me. He invited a trainer with a raccoon to perform a few circus tricks and to let me have a photo with the animal I love. An adorable creature!
Decorations: Didn't really want to do anything with the page, the photo was lovely without any decorations. But then I remembered that there is an artist called Terry Morin, who draws wonderful raccoons. So I took his pics, changed the colors a bit and printed. Take a look at the last pic: that's what a raccoon does after his performance ;)
Also added a few ribbons: green transluscent, and blue and antique-golden satin ones.

Sixty ninth page:

Photos: high-five with the raccoon =) and I'm giving him a cookie - he takes it and shakes my hand as well. The last: I'm thanking my husband
Decorations: actually I don't like the page a lot, but haven't got the proper idea how to remake it. I used flat metal earrings as an embellishment, the colors became here. A photo frame supporting the raccoon-house idea; and also the creature's name with coons - hand drawn.

Seventieth page:

Photos: dancing and a "magician" performance =)
Decorations: wanted to decorate in the same style with magician's hat - blue and golden stars. But the gold I got turned out to be too red and the blue was a little light. The upper photo is framed with punched "suns", the bottom one - stars for nail embellishment.

Seventy first page:

Photos: my "surprise" for my husband. I'm playing a melody by touching the edges of the glasses with wet fingers. It was the only timeI ever did it =) I have no musical education and the melody was adapted for this method by our wedding consultant and hostess. It was a refrain from "Can you feel the love tonight" by Elton John ("There's a calm surrender to the rush of day...") which grew into Nino Rota's Romeo&Juliet theme: "What iiiis a yooooouth? Impeeetuous fire. What iiis a maid? Ice and de-sire".
Decorations: the charts of both songs printed on the paper, which was soaked in coffee, crimpled and torn-edged - "distressed". =) The music theme is supported by Rayher brads. And also there was a noticable panel in the background, which was fixed in the wooden frame with ropes - I wanted to repeat these "crosses". At the bottom photo I stitched them right on the photo. The other ones are also embellished with cross-stitches.

Seventy second page:

Photos: cutting the cake.
Decorations: handmade marbling, CraftRobo paper laces, i-clay flowers.

Seventy third page:

Photos: cake
Decorations: PhotoShop collage.

Seventy forth page:

Photos: gifts from guests
Decorations: two types of mulberry paper - thick one with foiled embossing and thin one. I loved to tear it so much that couldn't stop =) And didn't dare to cut it =) So all edges are torn. =)

Seventy fifth page:

Photos: I'm throwing the bouquet
Decorations: this page and the next one have one mutual detail - a cut-out circle in the top corner, filled with threads. The spirella "hole" is supported by other threads on this page. The central photo is framed with looped fringe. And the same thread connects the flower parts. Flowers are done with "flower-soft" supplies. A very nice lady Patti from Queen's Ink gave some to me to try. She's a very pleasant lady: kind and generous =) My favourite store in Maryland =) Isn't that a cute bouquet?

Seventy sixth page:

Photos: my husband throws his buttonhole-flower to the bachelors (instead of my garter). And the one who catches will surely have a happy marriage soon. The flower is caught by our consultant/hostess =)
Decorations: Spirella page. The top corner is decorated with the same spirella-opening. A smaller spirella is fixed in the lower corner. Added a few purple flowers and decorated the opening edge with handcut zigzag circle. The corners of the photo are also embellished with spirella-like thread-weaving. And I wanted to draw attention to the middle photo, there's a funny subject to notice: the girl, who just caught the bridal flowers, is explaining to her boyfriend how to catch the male-flower. And to mark her expression I added another detail. Spirella frame on a piece of transparent acetate:

Seventy seventh page:

Photos: lighting up the unity candle. It's a natural photo, no photoshop or collaging. The hearts are created with the smart exposure interval playing.
Decorations: wet embossing, lilac and golden powders mixed. Free powder spilling and with the help of stencils (hearts).

Seventy eighth page:

Photos: another result of exposure interval play =) something truely unreal, but had to be me against the night Moscow background
Decorations: had to use tea bag folding somewhere, why not here? =) So I tried this technique too. Frame, "rosettes" and "tulips". With a little punching.

Seventy ninth page:

Photos: night, Moscow lights, bridges over the river.
Decorations: what other technique can I try? why not calligraphy? =) With a little learning of Chinese =))) Chinese was studied with the help of internet video course. If anyone needs - I can try to find the link again.
These characters mean: "married couple" (right) and "new moon" (left). The last came to my mind when I saw the night on the photo. One of the guests told us that marrying during the new moon period is thought to be a good omen in eastern philosophy. So that's how I can to this page: night - moon - new moon - chinese traditions - calligraphy =)

Eightieth page:

Photos: another night-time photo
Decorations: triangle frame made out of Rayher "handmade" paper of blue colors. The papers are very nice to touch and feel ;)

Eighty first page:

Photos: background is the view from the window of the hotel suite; photos - me in the suite and we're crossing the bridge to enter the hotel.
Decorations: PhotoShop collage.

Eighty second page:

Photos: I am taking a picture of the view form the window and my own reflection. I love this photo: it connects "here" and "there", "now" and "then", "me" and "the world", etc. =)
Decorations: it took me some time to decide how to finish the album. Had a few ideas:
1) Write nothing - but the album opens with "our wedding" phrase, so I have to add something in the end too!
2) "The end" - sounds sad. The end of what?.. It's only the beginning ;)
3) "Happy end" - just the same, not sure about the "end"-thing.
4) "And they lived happily ever after" - just like a fairy tale ending. But I should have done the whole album in a fairy style.
5) the one I chose: DO NOT DISTURB =) Album is about the wedding itself: started right with the wedding morning (no love-stories, tales about the gown, choosing the date etc) so it should end not with the honeymoon nor the "next anniversary", but with the wedding night. So I made a door hanger with the sign and hotel logo. I printed it on pearl beige cardboard, embossed the edges and the doodle a little and fixed it with a purple brad. With some more punched flowers scattered on the page.

That's it. The album is finished.

The photos of the wedding were made by Ekaterina Aleshinskaya (foto5.ru) and my father and two friends of mine; the last two pages contain only my own photos made by me and my husband.
The photos of the album are made by Alexandra Panyukova (me_me_me_and_me) and sometimes by me.

Comments, questions and any response are welcome =)


  1. Это стихотворение мне написали родные в открытке на свадьбу (автора стихов не знаю)

    Чтоб выйти
    Из заколдованного круга
    Любите друг друга.
    Чтоб не быть в обиде,
    Когда придется вам туго,
    Любите друг друга.
    Во время труда
    И в час досуга -
    Любите друг друга.
    Взгляните в окно:
    Там бушует вьюга,
    А вы все-равно
    Любите друг друга.
    Цветут цветом ярким
    Растения луга -
    И летом жарким
    Любите друг друга.
    Вы живете на западе,
    Иль приехали с юга,
    Помните заповедь:
    Любите друг друга!

    (в оригинале есть продолжение)
    Под хвойными иглами,
    Под зарослями бамбука,
    Тешась привольными играми,
    Любите друг друга.
    Молодые, старые,
    Это вам наука:
    Во что бы то ни стало
    Любите друг друга!

    Вот уже 13 лет эти строки с нами.
    Пусть и у вас всегда будет это замечательное ощущение: что вы любите, что вы любимы. Будьте близки с супругом. В широком понимании этого слова.

  2. Спасибо большое!!! =)