My wedding scrapbook - part 4

Part 1, part 2, part 3.

Forty ninth page

Photos: dance
Decorations: the only page in the album with a try of "real scrapbook" style. With background, frames, journaling and embellishments. Used a wonderfully beautiful paper HOTP "The Soft Lavender Collage" - loved it so much that couldn't help buying. I also used Prima flowers (I don't like them much 'cause you can see them in literally every scrapper's creation):

The first photo shows the paper flowers from "White and ivory" set - tapped with violet ink pad. The leaves are cut out of vellum, then crimpled and dabbed with some green ik pad from the inverse side. The second photo: prima flowers and skeleton leaves (painted with Versacolor pad)
A little bit of journaling:

A piece of hydrangea vellum with embossed edges (repeating the lace frames around the photos) with violet pencil note - the title and the authr of the song we had chosen for our first dance. I used flower brads to fix the vellum.

And finally decided to "spoil" the photo with glueing embellishments over the photo. We made a "heart" shape with our arms during the dance, though it's not quite clear on the pic, so I outlined the shape with tiny lilac gems:

Fiftieth page

Photos: dance.
Decorations: the corners of the photos are cut into mosaic squares and turn into violet mosaic in a swirl. By the way, I saved the squares, which were cut from the film-frame in page 11 and used them here =)

Fifty first page

Photos: portrait with Kremlin in the background
Decorations: 100% finish drawing. The photo is in the center, and the rest of the page is completed by colored pencils. Close-up:

Fifty second page

Photos: on the ship deck after the dance.
Decorations: CraftRobo. Flowers and a flower frame.

Fifty third page

Photos: Portrait with Kremlin
Decorations: I think we have pretty formal faces there, which make me think of soviet posters, or the front-page news "They did it!" or "A look into the bright future"... And so I decided to make a newspaper-page with this photo. At first I tried to find any real news of that date: but they were either criminal or boring. So I gave up the idea of reality and simply took a pile of newspapers and cut out the headers and some lines. The header of the page says: Picture of the day. A man and a woman (in red). The most celebrated sensations of the leaving decade. "Now a kiss!" (in blue). The smaller text says that the registration offices will work inspite of the holiday and some more phrases about brides and grooms. The phase at the bottom of the page: "People who surprised us". I also added a horoscope (on the left side), a sheet from a day-by-day calendar of the year 2007 and made a "weather forecast" square.

Fifty fourth page

Photos: our ringed hands
Decorations: velvet lilac ribbon with punched flowers. Flowers made of "smiles" - repeat my manicure pattern. And a paper "buckle" on the righthand ribbon with flowers, which I painted with the nail polish and embellished them with micro-beads - exactly like I had them painted on my nails. =)

Fifty fifth page

Photos: letting the baloons fly in the clouds.
Decorations: Photoshop collage - desaturated photo with just the ballons left colored. So the baloons soar in the skies. I have no idea how the technique is called - I called it "thread quilling". Each balloon is made from a swirl of thread glued to the base.

Fifty sixth page

Photos: the ship passed by a candy factory with a large ad of a famous chocolate called "Aljonka". My name's the samem and I'm fooling around pretending that it's my face there. %)
Decorations: all kinds of candy wraps of this brand =)

Fifty seventh page

Photos: bride and groom portraits.
Decorations: dry embossing and pricking.

Fifty eighth page

Photos: there was a pouring rain while we had the reception - the windows looks like they were hosed. But we had dry, cozy and funny time. Playing, dancing and singing.
Decorations: Photoshop collage and drops of water on the photos.

Fifty ninth page

Photos: one of the most unpleasant moments - my lovely girlfriends wanted to keep a stupid tradition and "stole" me. Made me stay in captain's room while they tortured my husband with idiotic tasks like "yell you love her" or "dance with a chair" to get back one of my shoes.
Decorations: wire - silver and purple - as a symbol of violence, a barblock =) A little weaving, free swirls and a word "Stolen". Not much details, because it turned out to be pretty complicated to work with wire in my case: with rules "don't harm the page" and "keep it flat"

Sixtieth page

Photos: having a walk during the ship stop
Decorations: a small spray of lilac, quilled from 0,5 mm strips (1/45 ") - tiny work, but I had to 'keep it flat'.

Sixty first page

Photos: lilac bushes near "Ukraine" hotel.
Decorations: PS collage.

Sixty second page

Photos: my husband taking me up the bridge at Ukrainian boulevard.
Decorations: iris-folding. A little iris-folding in the frame of the largest photo and a few folded flowers and leaves.

Sixty third page

Photos: releasing the doves
Decorations: doodled doves: one painted with acrylic paint, the other one outlined with micro-beads. Plus lilac feathers and a silver stamped dove. I have a tutorial about these doves here, but only in Russian. I will translate the post and place it in this blog later.

Sixty fourth page

Photos: during the walk, the same place.
Decorations: half-frame/corners of patterned purple paper. Two color photos are framed with handdrawn doodles, which repeat the stairs decorations. And dried flowers: brown one on the top (wanted it to correspond tot he sepis-shade of the photo) is an african violet (was dark-pink when was fresh), the flowers and leaves at the bottom are phlox.

Sixty fifth page

Photos: during that walk I asked my husband to count my buttons. I had the real ones on my dress - no fake things, no additional zips or laces; real buttons which actually fastened my gown.
Decorations: found a wonderful layout made by saucy_drangonfly, and loved it so much that wanted to repeat it. For my layout I used a piece of cloth from my dress (the lower part), the upper background has the same pattern, but drawn with "puffy" pearl Pebeo paint. Satin buttons are handmade. And instead of a ribbon with wordsI used beads and rhinestones left from my gown. The photo begged for a mat, but I couldn't add to this "fabric layout" any paper details, so I sewed a piece of chiffon (also left from my dress) to the photo, turned it over and hid the edges behind the pic.

Sixty sixth page

Photos: group photo - we and some guests
Decorations: my first try of distress inks. "Dusty concord" rubbed against the corners, sprinkled with water to create lighter dots, and swirls-with-gems stamps with silver, black and purple inks on top of that. It's my first try and the result of all these manipulations is still unpredictable for me, but I hope that someday I'll be able to make something like that gorgeus background

Sixty seventh page

Photos: the rain started again and we ran back to the ship. I love the sepia photos with the city skyline in the background..
Decorations: PS collage (note our 'kiss' in the skies ;) ). Masking with a large circle: ink pad rubbed against the paper circle. Plus some ribbons and flowers in corresponding colors.
Thanks for looking! Comments and questions are appreciated =)


  1. Beautiful job. I love the colored pencil work, it really sets the scrapbook aprt.

    1. thank you =) the pencil work becomes so popular now, I have even seen tutorials... =)