My wedding scrapbook - part 3

Part 1, Part 2

Thirty third page:

Photos: inside of the limo. Spent 2 hours in a traffic jam and had no photo shooting in a garden nearby which had been planned, had to take photos in a limo..
Decorations: drawn the flower frames by hand - lilacs with Faber-Castell pencils.

Thirty fourth page:

Photos: inside of the limo and the looks of the car (silver-lilac!).
Decorations: patterned lavender paper under the bigger photo. Plain violet paper and patterened vellum as a mat of a car photo. Corner punch. Hand made flowers - had to draw the dotted pattern all by myself to correspond to the limo seating pattern. Plus acrylic nail embellishments - lilac hearts, and acrylic-paint doodles.

Thirty fifth page:

Photos: inside and outside of the limo.
Decorations: Rayher flower stamps and rainbow violet ink pad VersaColor, pluc pencil drawing.

Thirty sixth page:

Photos: out ship! and we're going to have reception there.
Decorations: The most complicated part was to retouch the upper photo. The dock with a poetic name "Maple boulevard" was very dirty: full of bottles, cigarette butts etc, and I didn't want that to stay in my album, so had to wipe the dock throughly =) On the top and on both sides - masking with acrylic dabber. I put paper doddles on the page and tapped them with acrylic paint. Then removed the paper doodles.

Thirty seventh page:

Photos: bread and salt from our parents.
Decorations: according to the bread style - ears of wheat. The upper ones are drawn, the bottom ones are embroidered. Loop-stitch and classical paper embroidery.

Thirty eighth page:

Photos: bread and salt.
Decorations: photoshop collage.

Thirty ninth page:

Photos: in the ship reception hall.
Decorations: baloooooona. My first try of CraftRobo =)

Fortieth page:

Photos: newly weds and guests.
Decorations: violet frames, cut with shaped scissors. Shaped rectangles with guests' names.

Forty first page:

Photos: we and other guests.
Decorations: purple sheet with embossed hearts, where I cut the windows (photos are glued to the backside). Photos are framed with heart-ribbon and bumpled violet rainbow thread. Names are written in the heart shapes. Details:

Forty second page:

Photos: a kiss.
Decorations: handmade rubber (eraser) stamps - "Kiss" and a heart. And additional elements as "finish drawing"s. I like this photo, but I didn't like the way the half of the baloon heart is cut on the photo, so I decided to make it whole again =) And drew the missing part with pencils. I also added some more handdrawn ballons at the bottom of the photo.

Forty third page:

Photos: reception details - placing cards, napkins, favours, glasses...
Decorations: I made a pocket using the same lilac cardstock I used for the place-cards with the same riboons. And inside of this pocket there's a punch of papers placed - papers about the menu. The choice of the dishes for the reception with all the "historical" marks made during the discussion of this matter =)

Forty fourth page:

Photos: me and my girlfriends
Decorations: the half-mat on the left has the same pattern the left girl has on her dress. I printed the "almost-invisible" pattern from another large photo and then outlined the pattern with an ink-pen. The other side of the photo is matted with chiffon-ruffle: to draw attention to the outfit of the other girl (and mine too %) ), fixed with a large metal brad with rhinestones.
The right lower corner is decorated with a doddle from the same black dress pattern - I cut it out of velvet paper and added a little vellum (to draw a net on).
And a handdrawn word "Girlfriends" in the same dress-style.

Forty fifth page:

Photos: photos on the ship.
Decorations: flowers and leaves are cut from the foam packaging material that would reduce the extra pressure of the large metall brad on the other page. Unfortunatelly, my experiment didn't work out well, so I had to replace some of the flowers with crochet details, which work perfectly well (so far).

Forty sixth page:

Photos: ship-photos
Decorations: pleated satin ribbons of two shades of lilac. 6,5 m (7,2 yards) of the lighter toned ribbon and 7,25 m (8 yards) of the darker one. 15 hours of work and a little glue.

Forty seventh page:

Photos: first dance; Kremlin palace int he background =)
Decorations: a try of a shaped framing, I wanted to add some "motion", "rotation" of the dance. There's a scattering of lilac and pearl confetti between the photos - imitating the baloon-garland on the edge of the deck. And a pearl swirl in the center - it's cut from the embossed paper.

Forty eighth page:

Photos: dancing
Decorations: Pergamano. Embossed Martha Stewart vellum of hydrangea. Details:

P.S.: most of the photos are made by Alexandra Panyukova, a.k.a.me_me_me_and_me


  1. Какая красота! Ты просто молодчина!

  2. Спасибо большое, Инна! =)

  3. Замечательная идея с кремлём! Мне очень понравиорсь))))
    Раз блог иностранный, то напишу на эстонском:
    Sa oled väga tubli!
    (перев. Ты молодец!)

  4. Спасибо большое, Вероника =)