Happy birthday card

A card I gave to my colleague onher birthday half of a year ago =)

Golden doodles are wet-embossed. It was the first time I ever tried the wet embossing, so the result isn't perfect. Yet the spilled powder, which formed scattered single golden dots, gave the card an artistic and a little distressed looks, which I thought was ok.
The sentiment "Happy birthday" was drawn with a small brush and embossing ink pad. LAter I found that gel pen is much better for that application, but that was the first time.
The bottom of the card is decorated with two light-pink ribbons, one is wide, the other one is thinner and is a pleated ribbon.

Flowers in windows are quilled.

The upper flower is created with the use of husking technique:

I also added some acrylic half-beads. The green quilled leaves are brushed with golden ink pad to make them look correspondingly.


  1. какая красота!! скажи, плиз, есть ли у тебя блог на русс.языке??

  2. Спасибо большое!
    Есть, в ЖЖ: whiteracoon.livejournal.com Если захочется заглянуть в гости - буду рада.
    Это я только тут выпендриваюсь, ища иностранных знакомств %)

  3. да-да, ясно! в жж зайду :)

  4. Здорово! Очень понравилась открытка!