Dry embossing tutorial - part 3

Previous parts can be found here and here.
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Two more experiments with embossing boards. Tried them accidentally, and want to share them with you =)
Experiment 1
We'll need: an embossing board (like Fiskars), white glue and time.

Spill white glue on the board. I didn't have much glue, unfortunatelly.

Carefully spread the glue on the surface using a piece of cardstock or paper or a spatula. And let it dry. Depending on the thickness of the glue layer it may take from 2 to 24 hours.

White glue dries into yellowish non-opaque elastic film. Use a sewing pin to get the snowflakes out of the board...

And place the snowflakes on the bright paper... Blue velvet paper and half-translucent snowflakes - doesn't it look good?

Note: you should not use stick-glue, silicate, super-strength glue or any other. Any glue that is meant for adhering plastics and acetate is NOT suitable as well - it may damage your embossing board seriously. Choose the glue that looks like an elastic film when dried. I advise NOT to use the handmade paper and flour-salt stencils; otherwise you'll have neither the stencil nor the glue details.
And keep in mind that white glue is based on water - so don't put your snowflakes (or whatever you've created) in water.

Experiment 2
Do you think you really need an embossing tool? Why not to replace it with a... color pencil?!

Place a board (or stencil, you can use any you like, including the handmade ones), put a paper on top and rub the pencil against it:

Rub, rub, rub... And that's what we've got. Relief and color at the same time! =)
Choose a soft pencil of good quality. Hold the pencil at angle of 30 deg between the pencil and the surface. You can use different colors at once...


  1. Ohh! i love the snowflakes!!!!!!

  2. Thank you =) Of course you can do not only the snowflakes but anything your embossing board can provide you with. =)

  3. Thank you, Aljona for your helpful tutorials.
    Vicki from Canada

  4. Vicki, I'm glad if it helps you =)