Card for a dancing lady

I know one girl, she's been dancing since her childhood and now she's an A-class professional (ballroom dancing). She had a birthday last week, and I wanted to give her a card - there was no question about the central piece. =)

The background is a piece of ivory watercolor paper, cut with paper edgers. The swirls on top and at the bottom are dry embossed. In the center of the card there's a color pencil powder circle and a quilled design of a dancing couple.

I also made an envelope for this card - with a smaller drawing of the same design among swirls:

And the inside. I finally bought a stylus to try calligraphy. It's my very first try, yet it looks better than pen or pencil writing.

I know that it's faaaar from perfect and there's yet a lot to learn, but I like it and I will try my best to improve my skills =)


And the winner is...

Всего участие принимало 8 человек, всем БОЛЬШОЕ СПАСИБО =) Выбирать кого-то из такого количества очень сложно, уже практически подружились, и своим волевым решением боюсь кого-нибудь обидеть. Так что решила без "личного отбора" сразу же передать моральный груз выбора случайному генератору random.org.
Каждой из участниц присвоился номер - в порядке очереди по времени подачи заявки:
1. Pastilka
2. Volniy_Tiggerr
3. Yukkie-Jenny
4. Larisa
5. Елена Ваньжа
6. Алёна Сидорова
7. Veronika
8. Bumazhnaya mechta
Случайный выбор числа от 1 до 8:

Вольный тиггерр, поздравляю тебя - конфетки твои!!! =) Буду ждать твой адрес.

Но т.к. в комментариях победительница отписалась, что рамочки и ленточки ей не нужны, есть повод оконфетить еще кого-нибудь. Дорогие участницы с "енотовыми заданиями", я очень тронута вашим желанием творить и тратить время и силы на енотов, потому напишите мне тоже на емейл whiteracoon на мейл.ру, каждой из вас я отправлю маленькую конфетку-сюрпризик.


Raccoon-chocolate-mint-white-many-circles card

Another entry for the "March gingerbread" sketch challenge at rus-scrap.ru.
And I'm also gonig to take part in Colour Create Challenge: I love these colors! Chocolate, mint and white! And another option was adding some texture.

That's what I've made. Something complicated, yet funny.

The base is chocolate paper embossed with Cuttlebug "Birds and swirls" folder, on top of that I made a few circles - mint with white. The bottom circle is hand-marbled mint paper with green and white accents. All circles are cut with shaped scissors. The upper mint circles are embossed with Fiskars "Nature" plate. I also added some white "berries" - puffy gel, heated with a heat-tool, so that it became puffy anf velvety. The stripe at the bottom of the card is created with 'Foam balls clay' - it's kids' "clay" made of foam balls and non-toxic glue. It's a lot of fun working with it =) And the color is very cute - pure mint, although the photo shows it pretty faded. And the main element on the card is a medallion. It's made of white paper with double edge: torn mulberry white paper (fluffy edge) and brown thread loops (to make the medallion "pop-up" a little against the mint background). There's a mint-white quilled flower in the center of medallion (I was inspired by Pastilka's card ;) ). The center of the flower is embellished with micro-beads. A close-up:

So let's take the medallion and pull it slightly: it come off, it was fixed with a magnet (tape-magnet: one part under the flower the other part under the first circle). And that's how the card looks without the quilled flower:

A raccoon was hiding behind the medallion =) He's made of fluffy-edged mulberry paper and with velvet mask (another texture ;) ), with tiny rolling eyes and a bead as his nose. All the circles are fixed only at one point - nose.
The reverse side of medallion has a scheme and a phrase (sorry, forgot to take a photo!) saying that you should rotate the circles to match the parts of the shoots (little white and mint leaves). So we rotate the circles and that's what we see:

There's another raccoon hiding inside of the tree =)

Then I wanted to add a sentiment, but couldn't decide.
I could write "From the two of us" - and it would be a birthday or anything-else greeting for my mother-in-law, for example =)
Or I could write "Come to my den!" - and it would be an invitation for an evening hang-out for a friend of mine.
I could add a couple of hearts and write a playful "Let's get together", "Missing your kissing" or "Join me in my cozy nest" - and it would be a card for my significant one.
Or I could continue my projects for "dads-to-be" and write "There's a plenty of room in our nest... let's fill it with kids! =) " as a suggestion of planning a baby.
Wanted to give this card to my husband, but he laughed "Are you going to give this card to me because there's nowhere you can place it?" - pointing out the other cards I made with sketch, still lying on the table - homeless and useless =)
Can't say I want to give this card to him anymore =) So, it will be added to my large raccoon collection.
Thanks for looking! Comments appreciated =)


Watermelon card

Does anyone long for summer? Personally I am sick of snow, ice and minus-five-C-temperature. Let me add a little summer feelings in your life today =)
The same challenge "March gingerbread", that I entered with a cat-n-yarn card. Used another idea. Here it is: my round circles!


My wedding scrapbook - part 3

Part 1, Part 2

Thirty third page:

Photos: inside of the limo. Spent 2 hours in a traffic jam and had no photo shooting in a garden nearby which had been planned, had to take photos in a limo..
Decorations: drawn the flower frames by hand - lilacs with Faber-Castell pencils.

Thirty fourth page:

Photos: inside of the limo and the looks of the car (silver-lilac!).
Decorations: patterned lavender paper under the bigger photo. Plain violet paper and patterened vellum as a mat of a car photo. Corner punch. Hand made flowers - had to draw the dotted pattern all by myself to correspond to the limo seating pattern. Plus acrylic nail embellishments - lilac hearts, and acrylic-paint doodles.


Small cat card by sketch

Project Rus-scrap.ru with a craft store Memuaris have announced a challenge called March gingerbread.
A card by sketch is to be made till the 24th of March:

Then there will be a random draw and a winner will get a prize:

I liked the sketch and found about 5 different ideas of applying it to a card. Some a pretty complicated, so I'm not sure whether I'll be able to make them all, so if you need an idea for that challenge - I can lend you one =)
So far I've created the simpliest one. A cat card:

Glossy silver cardstock, embossed with wood Fiskars pattern; circles are represented by a lavender yarn ball, which ran away from a cat. I made the circles so rough on purpose - to make them look natural.
There's a small black velvet greeneyed kitty sitting on the bottom of the card strectching her paw to get the yarn ball =) It stays on the velvet lilac strip with an instigating sentiment "Have fun!"
The size is actually small, there's a cat in comparison to a coin (coin is smaller than a dime):

It's clear&simple, yet i like it. Going to torture the sketch again =)


Tropical sea card

Today is a national holiday in Russia - 'International women's day', greetings for everyone who's celebrating! And there's a greeting card my husband and I gave to my mother-in-law. With a gift (money for her trip to the sea). That's why the card has no traditional bouquets, titles "8th of march" etc.

Unfortunately, I had only one night to complete the card and had no time to take a photo of it. So I have the only photo, no details, sorry.
The card consists of two parts: the pop-up frame and the inner pic.
The frame is cut out of "jute"-pattern embossed beige cardstock with pearl surface. On top of it I places a tropical vein with flowers. Wanted to make kanzashi orchids, but had no time for that. The green vein had to be cut with a CraftRobo but I was mistaken with the depth of cut and so it failed to complete the task and I had to cut this thing out with small scissors. And 20 punched flowers (light pink, magenta, pearl pink and white) with bright beaded centers.

The inner picture: I drew the clouds with the help of masking technique - cut out the clouds, put them on the card, and rubbed a cotton ball dipped in color-pencil-powder against it. Then repeated it a few times. I liked it more than using a stamping ink pad for this effect. If you rub too intensively you can always fix it with a eraser unlike the ink pad error.
The sea consists of torn strips of "handcrafted" paper by Rayher. A fluffy sea shore =)

Sand: colored with color-pencil-powder semolina. I had no real sand, so used a part of my breakfast =) Glued it with white glue and fixed with nail polish: to avoid the falling of and to make it look "wet" =)

Palm: steam is made of champagne cork (it has no hole in it unlike any other wine cork =) ). Leaves are done in quilling technique. And I also brushed the leaves with yellowish ink pad to create the "sunshine" effect. Though it's hardly seen on this photo..

The Sun: iris-folding. Used yellow and orange foil.

Grass: hand cut pieces of green cardstock glued to the card chaotically.

This card also has a pocket for money inside of it: made of the same jute-cardstock and with punched flowers. =)


Dry embossing tutorial - part 3

Previous parts can be found here and here.
Русская версия: здесь

Two more experiments with embossing boards. Tried them accidentally, and want to share them with you =)
Experiment 1
We'll need: an embossing board (like Fiskars), white glue and time.

Dry embossing tutorial - part 2

The first part can be found here. РУССКАЯ версия этого поста: здесь

That's what we're going to create:

and even better!


Dry embossing tutorial - part 1

The original of this tutorial can be found in Russian there: http://whiteracoon.livejournal.com/38899.html
A beginner tutorial of dry embossing.
Embossing requires two things: a) embossing tool b) stencil
Tool-problems were considered here by myself (in Russian, actually just a suggestion to insert a pin in a pencil), and there by asti_n who offers an elegant solution by using a pen and piercing jewelry. A tool can be bought at a crafts store or you can use a crochet, a knitting needle or a manicure-artist tool with a small ball on top.
Now let's talk about the stencils. Of course it's good to have an embossing stencil (Fiskars for example). Also you can use stencils for painting, glass etching and other purposes (for instance, Rayher). But if you can't have these stencils for some reasons you can use anything you have at hand. Look for anything in your house that has texture: it can be a cutting bread board, kids' toys (especially construction sets), boxes, frames, tins and jars of all kinds, etc. The depth of the textured pattern should not be big, less than 1 mm (1/32") - not to tear the paper.
Let's begin!

What we may need: paper to be embossed; tools of all kinds (or pins, or crochets, or needles etc.); cutting board with slots; embossing stencils; embossing folders for die-cut machines (for example, Cuttlebug), computer mouse mat or a cutting mat or a piece of dense cloth; a rolling pin; punches; glue, scissors; tins, having textured elements.