When two hearts beat as one...

This is a card, which I made for StampARTic challenge.
The rules demand to make a card with some space for a present - money, cd, etc.
I have been thinking about this card for a long time, and this challenge made me do it right now =)
So, let me present my new card:

I chose two main colors: chocolate and cream. I think it looks pretty tasty. =) Yet I wanted to make it elegant and "strict", so added no color splashes there. And only two colors symbolize a man and a woman - a unity of two different creatures =)
The edges of the card are cut with my CraftRobo with the pattern I drew myself. The card has two windows, where you can see two hearts glued with a pop-up adhesive square to the inside part. One heart is made of cream velvet paper:

The other one is made from chocolate cardstock, which I embossed slightly with "Birds and swirls" Cuttlebug folder and then I brushed the textured parts with transparent nail polish to make them glossy and dark:

Both hearts are framed with square frames, which I embellished with chocolate velvet ribbon and thinner cream satin ribbon.
Also I put a bunch of Prima flowers (white and cream) and a skeleton leaf in the corner:

And the sentiment says: "When two hearts beat as one..."

Now, let's open it and take a look inside!

And there's a present inside... The sentiment continues the phrase: "...the third is conceived. Now two of us have THREE hearts." I wanted to add obvious "Honey, you're going to be a daddy soon!", but I thought that a "present" says more than that.
The "third" heart is a woven paper heart, made of the same papers: cream velvet and chocolate embossed. With a smaller heart inside (I can share a scheme of pleating if someone needs that):

Also framed with velvet and satin ribbons. And added some crochet lace.

Actually the pregnancy test is not real (don't have a real positive one yet), just printed it and thickened with a foam layer. But this "model" shows how it can be attached =)
It's my second project of "you're going to be a dad" card. (The first one can be found here) I've heard so many stories about early-morning yells from the toilet "I'm pregnant!" and I thought that this touchy moment should be more gentle and romantic, especially when a couple is planning and the pregnancy is wanted. So I'm thinking of more designs of announcing it and surprising the father-to-be in a good way.

Thanks for looking!
And as always - comments are appreciated!


  1. What a nice and heartwarming card, and such a thoughtful gift to the dad to be...
    Absolutely wonderful!
    Thanks for playing!


  2. Красота потрясающая! Трогательно...

  3. Jorunn, thanks for your comment =)

    Алёна, спасибо =)

  4. воот, нашла я вас, значит!!! именно вашу потресающую идею с сердечками я позаимствовала в своем альбоме))) вы не против****)))

  5. Даша, спасибо за отзыв =) Я не против, конечно. Рада, что идея пригодилась!
    Однако мне было бы приятно, если бы на нее ссылочка в посте про альбом привелась ;)