Spinner card with quilling

A birthday card for my mother-in-law. The first attempt to make a spinner card.
If you bend it to the right side the blue flower comes into the Racoon's bouquet

if to the left - in Tiger's paws:

Tiger and Racoon symbolize my husband and me; they are drawn by myself and then cut and glued. It was a pretty hard work to cut all those "fluffiness" and "fuzziness" along with the stripes. Heads and paws are "stadning out" with a help of a few layers of cardstock under them. Racoon is made from velvet paper; Tiger is smooth.

So they both hold a bunch of flowers: I used quilling for it, plus beads to fill out the remaining spaces and punches leaves.
For spinner I used two coins and a small washer (found among my dad's stock of nails, bolts, screws etc) Glued with super-strength glue.

The background doesn't look very pretty, but in fact it's not that gloomy: it has glitter and glossy marks on it.
Here are the characters' closeups

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