Quilled text

When I was thinking about another "you're going to be a father"-card I found a nice phrase "When two hearts beat as one, the third is conceived." Here you can check out my first try of applying this phrase. Then I wanted to repeat it, but in quilling. Being impressed by Yulia Brodskaya art, I wanted it to be a quilled text. Created a few sketches and chose the one I liked best.
Although I have to admit that in a sketch it looked much better, and there is what I made with quilling:

Watercolour paper as the basis and red 3-mm strips. The quilled words are "two" and "one".


I know that something's missing here, it's far from perfection... I fixed it a little later:

But I'll be grateful to those of you, who can give me any advice of improving the work.

And I decided that I should take up calligraphy. It's entertaining and useful.
I also discovered such artists and designers as ukrainian SHCH graphics group and french duo Zim and Zou. Take a look for inspiration and admiration. =)


  1. Amazing!!!! I love it!! Thanks alot for sharing!!

  2. Regina, thank you very much for your warm comment =)

  3. очень красиво и оригинально!Я впервые такое встречаю!!!!

  4. Ксюмка, спасибо =) Если не видела, загляни на сайт Юлии Бродской - http://www.artyulia.com/ - вот где действительно красиво... =)

  5. Как здорово! Очень интересно! Хочу научится)

  6. Спасибо, Алёна!
    И удачи в "учебе" =)