Passport cover and a pergamano-quilling card

A birthday gift for my friend. A passport cover and a card.

She wanted to have a Me-to-you teddy passport cover, but I failed to buy one in Moscow - they all were "out of stock" and noone promissed to bring them back for sale. So I decided that I should make it myself.
It took quite a lot of time to find the appropriate picture and the canvas with the texture small enough to fit the pic on the cover. I thought I was not experienced anough to make my own cover - and I wanted it to have protective metal corners, which I couldn't do myself, so I had to buy a simple cover to embellish it. It was another complicated task - simple covers without large letters "CITIZEN OF RUSSIA" or logos or anything else are hard to find. Finally I got that metal-corner "gray stone-washed" leather cover. Then I embroidered the teddy, then attached it etc. If someone's interested in the process - I have the photos of each stage so can create a kind of 'tutorial' of making such a cover.

And a card. Actually I changed it a bit, but didn't manage to take a photo of the newer version, so the old photos:

The card combines two technics: quilling and pergamano. For pergamano frame the following was used: 'Herlitz' vellum, embossing tools of 4 different sizes and an old soft mouse-pad, tailor's pin, soft coloring pencils Faber-Castell (yellow, blue, white), canvas (for pricking), small sciccors and some glue. The pattern was downloaded from the gallery of pergamano.com - though I don't have the direct link, so sorry if I used someone's idea

For qulling: 'The Paper company Pastel Quilling strips', office paper and paper for notes, blade for cutting it, glue 'Avantre creativ', corrugated white tissue for the lefthand roses; multishaded green thread (for leaves); wire; blue micro beads; heart-punch (for white flowers on the right side), blue and green feltpens and white gel pen.

Note the "thread" quilling I used for leaves - I like the effect =)

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