My wedding scrapbook - part 2

The second part of my 'scrap-light' album. Registry.

Seventeenth page:

Photos: coming to the registry office. Rings on the limo, rings on the office, photographers and a sign "Closed for a lunch till 3 pm".
Decorations: collage

Eighteenth page:

Photos: bride before the registry
Decorations: threads and paper strips of the corresponding colors. Netted just like my thoughts at that very moment. =)

Nineteenth page:

Photos: bride and groom in the hall of registry office waiting for the ceremony
Decorations: two threads - green and yellow - braided and fixed in a shape of a doodle.

Twentieth page:

Photos: posing for 'historical' photos
Decorations: corners from patterned lilac and moire ivony strips, plus punched flowers.

Twenty first page:

Photos: kissing
Decorations: misty-marble green mat, and circle cut-outs from two different green papers.

Twenty second page:

Photos: with parents.
Decorations: in style of parents' attire. In left lower corberr - silver foil zigzag, from my father's tie. In upper right corner - two flowers. A pink one - from my mother-in-law-to-be's dress and the mustard-colored one, hand drawn, from my mother's suit.

Twenty third page:

Photos: with parents all together
Decorations: light green ivy embossed mat and lace-technique above and below. Cut triangles and wrapped to the left and to the right.

Twenty forth and twenty fifth pages:

Photos: going into the ceremony hall.
Decorations: Swirls. On the left page there are 3 circles: golden self-adhesive foil topped with swirl-patterned vellum; "Hot off the press" swirl-patterened beige paper and golden self-adhesive foil punched with a swirl punch. On the right side - only swirl-punch is used, on the photo itself and nearby.

Twenty sixth page:

Photos: the process of registry ceremony
Decorations: all photos are framed with blue patterned "Hot off the press". The pattern is very small, yet pretty attractive. So I enlarged it and used it as a doodle on the page:

Hearts are punched from the corners, lines are pencil-drawn.

Twenty seventh page:

Photos: signing the documents
Decorations: doodles.

Twenty eighth page:

Photos: signing and me staring at the photographer.
Decorations: pencil circles and a flower-splash. Flowers are cut from servettes, 'Making memories' and simple colored papers, sequins, lace.

Twenty ninth page:

Photos: exchanging rings
Decorations: the largest photos is cut with figure-shaped scissors and punched with two circle punches of different sizes. And then the smaller circles glued into the larger holes. The smaller photo is framed with silver stickers. The envelope on the page contains receipts and "how-to-care" papers from our rings:

Thirtieth page:

Photos: Being ringed! And a photo after the ceremony of us with a marriage certificate.
Decorations: Phrase "I pronounce you a man and a wife, you may kiss the bride" is in the right upper corner. There were two photos, one is left, the other one is cut in parts I noticed that my veil looked smashed when lifted and my husband's suit looked rough, so I cut those parts off. The remaining parts were placed on the hand-made mats: thickly painted paper with blue and embellished with dry-brush golden strokes. The circles below are: my hand with a ring and a phrase "ringed" (a hand-cut word from circles); a shaker with blue and gold beads, and a small circle with beads glued and fixed with nail polish:

Thirty first page:

Photos: husband holding me and our guests surround us with bubbles.
Decorations: bubbles-bubbles! Bubbled paper, and bubble-stickers, plus epoxy circles and furniture "stoppers".

Thirty second page:

Photos: I'm blowing bubbles and having fun when I saw them getting into my husband's face.
Decorations: glossy cardstock with circles. Three photos are framed with satin ribbons. The white ribbon is pleated, repeating the decorations on my dress and purse. Corners are emellished with smal flowers: embroidered and stamped.

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