My wedding scrapbook - part 1

It's been almost 3 years my husband and I got married, and it took me that long to complete the handmade project: our wedding scrapbook.
Not to bore you at once I'll divide all 82 pages in 5 parts - 16 at a time (plus the first and the final)
So, here we go!

Album characteristics:

Manufactured: by Mascagni, Italy
Overall dimensions: 35 x 33 x 10 cm (14" x 13" x 4")
Weight: 2,7 kg (6 lbs)
Number of sheets: 41
Page size: 32 x 32 cm (12" x 12")
Material and binding: ivory enameled pages with white mulberry sheets between the pages. With screws.

Aim: to create an album with wedding photos.
Peculiarities: 1) all pages are bound together with very little possibility to unbind them, 2) "keep it flat!" - no possibility to make 3d or pop-up embellishment otherwise the album will never close 3) I do not intend to make anything like classic scrapbooking, it's just a "scrap-light", no journaling (80 pages about the wedding - no need for comments; and all those "together forever" and other meaningless things are not what I like)

I'd like: to try everything! but the photos must be in the first place
I don't like: promiscuity like this (a gorgeous photo, but that bunch of different papers, ribbons, embellishments, titles etc. make it hard to find the photo on the page) and no "single-style".

Order of creation: choosing photos - making collages and processing in PhotoShop - thinking about layouts and photo sizes - printing. Most of the photos were printed on the 14th of Feb 2008. By the 14th Feb, of 2010 I'm planning to finish it all. =)


First page:

A photo of our rings in my bouquet. Doodles on the left and on the right. At firstI wanted to make the whole album with elegant swirls and doodles, but later this idea disappeared, yet the beginning stays "doodled"
At the bottom there's a mini copy of our wedding invitation. Flowers are made of the shaped sequins, leaves are quilled from vellum, plus lace. When you open the flap there's a title "Our wedding 22 may 2007":

Second page:

Bride's morning. I do have the photos like "half-dressed bride" and "me in pjs and a veil", but I never wanted to include them in my album.
Photos: me and a part of my toy-racoon collection, me and a dog. Decorations: a doodle and a pencil sketch of a dog.

Third page:

Historic one... The gray monster I'm holding has passed away almost a year ago =(
Photos: me and a cat, me and my fav teddy Honey. Decorations: lilac strips in half of a frame; punched lace, punched hearts and a teddy sticker.

Forth page:

Photo: bride near the window. Decorations: a photo turned to make the vertical lines vertical, in a rectangular frame of silver-blue papers (Hot off the press Paper Flair). Didn't want to add anything else to this glossy photo.

Fifth page:

Photos: bride with parents and a dog. Decorations: blue leaf-like doodles which repeat the curtain pattern.

Sixth page:

Photos: here comes the groom with flowers. Decorations: as I wanted to "try everything" the technique called "decoupage" caught my eye and I wanted to try it. At first there was a single large photo where I attached a buttonhole to my groom's lapel. So I took teh servettes and glued them on... then it looked like a grrom has a bunch of lilacs growing from his head and the page cockled because of the glue. So later I remade the page and now it looks like you can see it above.
The large photo was cut: I cut the bouquet-shaped central part and matted it with green.

Added a photo of a bride and a groom, placed it on the Rayher paper "lavender spring" , cut a few elements to make them "stand out". And attached a funny thing:

A so-called 3d-photo. When you look at it from one point of view - you see lilacs, from another - freesia. Two types of flowers used in my bouquet.

Seventh page:

Going to have a photo shooting session.
Photos: me in a limo and me getting out of the limo. The lower photo is toned. Decorations: some doodles in the corners and a bunch of flowers - my second try of decoupage.

Eighth and ninth pages:

Photos: in the lilac garden Decorations: doodles %) Nothing special, 'cayse the photos contain enough lilacs in themselves.

Tenth page:

Photos: photographer took us to a shaded place, the sun was shining severely - it was painful to keep the eyes open. So the place is the same, only shaded.
Decorations: triple half-of-a-frame of purple in different shades (they are straight actually =) )

Eleventh page:

Photos: lilac garden, us running, moving and fooling around Decorations: when I browsed the photos I noticed that the series of "us moving" was large enough that it looked like animated movie when viewing them. So I decided to bring that "motion" feeling to the layout. 4 photos in film-like frame and two pairs of photos with "undivided" frames on the doodled background.

And some "behind the curtain" moments. For this page I "invented" 21 layouts, here they are:

The quality of the photos is weak, but it's not important - I only wanted to captur the position of photos.

Twelvth page:

Photos: "picnicking", eating grapes. Decorations: dry embossing. Fiskars plate with butterflies and flowers. I printed the photos in white frames in order to have the photos of certain size (when I cut the white parts), but with this framing they began looking like a greeting card, so I left them and only embossed.
And added a few embossed lilac details on the page. The closeup:

Thirteenth page:

Photos: portrait with an umbrella and strawberries. Decorations: doodle.

Fourteenth page:

Photos: me with an umbrella. Decorations: simple stamping: All night media "Frame it" stamps and Tsukineko Brilliance silver pad.

Fifteenth page:

Photos: a gorgeus photo which I adore. It's printed on the 'metallic' photo cardstock, glossy and vibrant, the bright threads on my stays are shingin on this photo. Decorations: it's been a long time I thought how to decorate the page. And at first I made it as it's shown above: hydrangea vellum (Martha Stewart) and silver stamps. But it looked so weak... And I corrected that:

Corresponding patterned papers from Rayher: paper and vellum. Same pattern - lilacs, both are embossed. So I used them. Vellum - for a frame of the photo. Paper - for the rest of the page. The pieces of the paper are lined with silver stickers and cut to repeat the shape of the sticker's edge. Plus lilac flowers and a butterfly. Here's the closeup:

Sixteenth page:

Photos: I liked my veil a lot - I embroidered the edge with beads with my own hands, so I wanted to pay attention to that. Decorations: foil circles instead of rhinestones and small lilac acrylic circles (nail embellishments) instead of beads - to repeat the embroidery pattern and keep it flat =)

The photo-shooting is over, the next part will be about the formalities.
Thanks for looking! Stay tuned for the following parts =) Feedback and comments are appreciated. =)

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