A few more mini-quilled cards

I have shown my 30-mini-cards greeting before (Previous post), and today I just wanted to share a few more designs I've made earlier - from the other two similar projects (there were 30 and 28 cards for 30 and 28 years old men)
As it was more than a year ago I had no pre-cut strips, so it took me quite long to cut them... I'll show some of the I liked most (and haven't shown before):
Aquarius, it was a sign of one of the men - thinking about the full Zodiac collection to make =)
Blue bird of happiness

Fried chicken with tutu on its legs, served with peas and salad. Used foil for the dish and vellum for the ruffles and steam.
A doggy (wishing faithful friends)
A house with a tree.
"A great ship asks deep waters"

A moose :-р Untranslatable explaination in Russian :)


  1. Просто супер! А это очень сложно, я наверное попробую всё-таки!

  2. Спасибо. Да нет, не сложно, только времени требуется много и терпения. Ну и аккуратности, чего на представленных выше образцах, к сожалению, частенько не хватает =)