Quilled text

When I was thinking about another "you're going to be a father"-card I found a nice phrase "When two hearts beat as one, the third is conceived." Here you can check out my first try of applying this phrase. Then I wanted to repeat it, but in quilling. Being impressed by Yulia Brodskaya art, I wanted it to be a quilled text. Created a few sketches and chose the one I liked best.
Although I have to admit that in a sketch it looked much better, and there is what I made with quilling:

Watercolour paper as the basis and red 3-mm strips. The quilled words are "two" and "one".


I know that something's missing here, it's far from perfection... I fixed it a little later:

But I'll be grateful to those of you, who can give me any advice of improving the work.

And I decided that I should take up calligraphy. It's entertaining and useful.
I also discovered such artists and designers as ukrainian SHCH graphics group and french duo Zim and Zou. Take a look for inspiration and admiration. =)



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"Rapture" by Ty Wilson in quilling

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated 9 years of being acquianted and 7 years since our first date. I made a small card for my husband on this occasion.

The picture is taken from the poster called "Rapture" by the artist called Ty Wilson. I like his artwork a lot, so light and emotional, just a few strokes make a real drawing. So I wanted to repeat it with quilling.
Overall size of the card is 7x10 cm (3" x 4"). The strips - pink, blue, purple, yellow and white - are glued to the black velvet mat. Then the mat with that sweet pair was placed on the black cardstock and surrounded with black quilled swirls. Although nothing looks black in comparison to black velvet =) which I think isn't bad: just adds more depth to picture itself.


Pompom tiger

This is a tutorial how to make a tiger out of yarn using pompom technique.
That's the creature we're going to make (raccoon is also a pompom toy):


When two hearts beat as one...

This is a card, which I made for StampARTic challenge.
The rules demand to make a card with some space for a present - money, cd, etc.
I have been thinking about this card for a long time, and this challenge made me do it right now =)
So, let me present my new card:


Valentine card

Didn't want to show it before I'd give it to my husband, but ok.
There it is:
Не хотела показывать до вручения мужу, ну да ладно. Вот она:

"You fill my world with love". All words are cut out of a beige cardstock, all but "world" are underlined with a red, "world" is filled with "iris-folding" and "fancy-folding". I liked the special meaning: the "world" is really filled with "love", e.g. the papers I used were all covered with words love, kiss, hearts and so on. Due to the miniture size it's not that obvious, yet each intimate card should have a secret ;) If anyone needs that, here I have a half-A4 sized pattern to print - all covered with loving words.
So, it's simple and as I think quite masculine - no flowers, roses, pink and ribbons. Serious and straightforward =)

"Ты наполняешь мой мир любовью". Все слова вырезаны из бежевато-коричневатой бумаги для пастели, все слова, кроме "world", имеют красную подолжку (где белые штампы love), а слово "мир" выполнено в технике "iris-folding" и "fancy-folding" (это когда "зрачка" нет). Меня позабавила сама идея, что "мир" действительно наполнен "любовью", т.к. полосочки, которыми заполнялось слово, все из "романтических" бумажек - с сердечками, надписями love, kiss, tender и пр. Правда, из-за небольших размеров этого толком не видать, но должен же быть у такой интимной открытки свой интимный секрет? =)
Если кому-нибудь надо, у меня есть вот тут узорчик размером пол-A4 с разными иностранными словами про любоффь.
Вот такая открытка простая и, мне кажется, довольно мужественная - никаких цветочков, розочек, розовых ленточек и рюшечек. Строго и прямолинейно. =)

And the inside continues the theme:
И внутренности продолжают:

A white raccoon (obviously, me) holding a heart pops up in a circle of flying hearts. And a note "hope I'm filling yours".
Белый енот (очевидно, это я) в технике поп-ап от раскрытии открытки встает с сердечком в лапах в центре вихря летающих сердечек. И подпись "надеюсь, я наполняю твой"
To be honest: I am not the author of this idea, I found this idea at http://www.trozo.ru/archives/10375 - and loved it so much I wanted to make it myself. Check out the source too! =)
Честно скажу, идея внутренностей не моя. Я нашла ее вот тут: http://www.trozo.ru/archives/10375 - и мне настолько понравилось, что я решила опробовать на себе =) Сходите к источнику, посмотрите, что там и как - весьма полезно =)

Going to take part in a few challenges with this card.
С этой открыткой хочу принять участие в нескольких челленджах
Cute card thursday,
Our Creative Corner
Модное хобби и
Оглянись вокруг!

As the last challenge has a rule to use a line from a love-song, it was a complicated task. It may sound weird, but my husband and I, we do not have "our" song. Well, yes, we do a couple of tunes we like - like our first dance at the wedding or his ringtone for my calls on his cellphone, but that's the problem - they are tunes, no words =) So I was thinking about it... And suddenly I heard the beginning of a movie "Goodbye, Mr.Chips" with Peter O'Toole. The song there is "Fill the world with love". The lyrics have nothing to do with man-woman love, it sounds more like a religious song, yet the chorus is captivating. And then I thought - that's an ideal phrase! And that's true - my husband does fill my world with love. So that's how it turned out to be. =)
В задании "Оглянись вокруг" обязательное условие - использование какой-нибудь фразы из песни, про любовь. Довольно хитрое задание. Может, это звучит странно, но у нас с мужем нет "своей" песни. (Я вообще не встречала людей, у которых была бы!). Да, есть какие-то мелодии, которые нам нравятся или с чем-то ассоциируются - наш свадебный танец, его рингтон на мои звонки, но в том-то и загвоздка, что это лишь _мелодии_. Т.е. без слов. %) Пришлось задуматься, и вдруг так получилось, что наткнулась я на фильм "Goodbye, Mr.Chips" с Питером О'Тулом (долгая история, зачем я его искала и как наткнулась, так что это в другой раз, если кому интересно). А там песня заглавная "Fill the world with love". Слова религиозно-философские и к любви мужчины-женщины отношения не имеют, но мне они так понравились, ведь если их применить к мужу - так и есть, он наполняет мой мир любовью и прочими хорошими вещами. На том и порешила.=)

Thanks for looking, comments are appreciated.
Спасибо за внимание, комментарии приветствуются


My wedding scrapbook - part 2

The second part of my 'scrap-light' album. Registry.

Seventeenth page:

Photos: coming to the registry office. Rings on the limo, rings on the office, photographers and a sign "Closed for a lunch till 3 pm".
Decorations: collage

Eighteenth page:

Photos: bride before the registry
Decorations: threads and paper strips of the corresponding colors. Netted just like my thoughts at that very moment. =)

Nineteenth page:

Photos: bride and groom in the hall of registry office waiting for the ceremony
Decorations: two threads - green and yellow - braided and fixed in a shape of a doodle.

Twentieth page:

Photos: posing for 'historical' photos
Decorations: corners from patterned lilac and moire ivony strips, plus punched flowers.

Twenty first page:

Photos: kissing
Decorations: misty-marble green mat, and circle cut-outs from two different green papers.

Twenty second page:

Photos: with parents.
Decorations: in style of parents' attire. In left lower corberr - silver foil zigzag, from my father's tie. In upper right corner - two flowers. A pink one - from my mother-in-law-to-be's dress and the mustard-colored one, hand drawn, from my mother's suit.

Twenty third page:

Photos: with parents all together
Decorations: light green ivy embossed mat and lace-technique above and below. Cut triangles and wrapped to the left and to the right.

Twenty forth and twenty fifth pages:

Photos: going into the ceremony hall.
Decorations: Swirls. On the left page there are 3 circles: golden self-adhesive foil topped with swirl-patterned vellum; "Hot off the press" swirl-patterened beige paper and golden self-adhesive foil punched with a swirl punch. On the right side - only swirl-punch is used, on the photo itself and nearby.

Twenty sixth page:

Photos: the process of registry ceremony
Decorations: all photos are framed with blue patterned "Hot off the press". The pattern is very small, yet pretty attractive. So I enlarged it and used it as a doodle on the page:

Hearts are punched from the corners, lines are pencil-drawn.

Twenty seventh page:

Photos: signing the documents
Decorations: doodles.

Twenty eighth page:

Photos: signing and me staring at the photographer.
Decorations: pencil circles and a flower-splash. Flowers are cut from servettes, 'Making memories' and simple colored papers, sequins, lace.

Twenty ninth page:

Photos: exchanging rings
Decorations: the largest photos is cut with figure-shaped scissors and punched with two circle punches of different sizes. And then the smaller circles glued into the larger holes. The smaller photo is framed with silver stickers. The envelope on the page contains receipts and "how-to-care" papers from our rings:

Thirtieth page:

Photos: Being ringed! And a photo after the ceremony of us with a marriage certificate.
Decorations: Phrase "I pronounce you a man and a wife, you may kiss the bride" is in the right upper corner. There were two photos, one is left, the other one is cut in parts I noticed that my veil looked smashed when lifted and my husband's suit looked rough, so I cut those parts off. The remaining parts were placed on the hand-made mats: thickly painted paper with blue and embellished with dry-brush golden strokes. The circles below are: my hand with a ring and a phrase "ringed" (a hand-cut word from circles); a shaker with blue and gold beads, and a small circle with beads glued and fixed with nail polish:

Thirty first page:

Photos: husband holding me and our guests surround us with bubbles.
Decorations: bubbles-bubbles! Bubbled paper, and bubble-stickers, plus epoxy circles and furniture "stoppers".

Thirty second page:

Photos: I'm blowing bubbles and having fun when I saw them getting into my husband's face.
Decorations: glossy cardstock with circles. Three photos are framed with satin ribbons. The white ribbon is pleated, repeating the decorations on my dress and purse. Corners are emellished with smal flowers: embroidered and stamped.


Free style doodling

The result of long chats over skype =) Actually I like that, just have to thing where to attach this piece of paper:

ATTENTION: when you click you'll get a full-sized image (800+*1000+ px, 710k)


My wedding scrapbook - part 1

It's been almost 3 years my husband and I got married, and it took me that long to complete the handmade project: our wedding scrapbook.
Not to bore you at once I'll divide all 82 pages in 5 parts - 16 at a time (plus the first and the final)
So, here we go!

Album characteristics:

Manufactured: by Mascagni, Italy
Overall dimensions: 35 x 33 x 10 cm (14" x 13" x 4")
Weight: 2,7 kg (6 lbs)
Number of sheets: 41
Page size: 32 x 32 cm (12" x 12")
Material and binding: ivory enameled pages with white mulberry sheets between the pages. With screws.

Aim: to create an album with wedding photos.
Peculiarities: 1) all pages are bound together with very little possibility to unbind them, 2) "keep it flat!" - no possibility to make 3d or pop-up embellishment otherwise the album will never close 3) I do not intend to make anything like classic scrapbooking, it's just a "scrap-light", no journaling (80 pages about the wedding - no need for comments; and all those "together forever" and other meaningless things are not what I like)

I'd like: to try everything! but the photos must be in the first place
I don't like: promiscuity like this (a gorgeous photo, but that bunch of different papers, ribbons, embellishments, titles etc. make it hard to find the photo on the page) and no "single-style".

Order of creation: choosing photos - making collages and processing in PhotoShop - thinking about layouts and photo sizes - printing. Most of the photos were printed on the 14th of Feb 2008. By the 14th Feb, of 2010 I'm planning to finish it all. =)


First page:

A photo of our rings in my bouquet. Doodles on the left and on the right. At firstI wanted to make the whole album with elegant swirls and doodles, but later this idea disappeared, yet the beginning stays "doodled"
At the bottom there's a mini copy of our wedding invitation. Flowers are made of the shaped sequins, leaves are quilled from vellum, plus lace. When you open the flap there's a title "Our wedding 22 may 2007":


A few more mini-quilled cards

I have shown my 30-mini-cards greeting before (Previous post), and today I just wanted to share a few more designs I've made earlier - from the other two similar projects (there were 30 and 28 cards for 30 and 28 years old men)
As it was more than a year ago I had no pre-cut strips, so it took me quite long to cut them... I'll show some of the I liked most (and haven't shown before):
Aquarius, it was a sign of one of the men - thinking about the full Zodiac collection to make =)
Blue bird of happiness

Fried chicken with tutu on its legs, served with peas and salad. Used foil for the dish and vellum for the ruffles and steam.
A doggy (wishing faithful friends)
A house with a tree.
"A great ship asks deep waters"

A moose :-р Untranslatable explaination in Russian :)


Passport cover and a pergamano-quilling card

A birthday gift for my friend. A passport cover and a card.

She wanted to have a Me-to-you teddy passport cover, but I failed to buy one in Moscow - they all were "out of stock" and noone promissed to bring them back for sale. So I decided that I should make it myself.
It took quite a lot of time to find the appropriate picture and the canvas with the texture small enough to fit the pic on the cover. I thought I was not experienced anough to make my own cover - and I wanted it to have protective metal corners, which I couldn't do myself, so I had to buy a simple cover to embellish it. It was another complicated task - simple covers without large letters "CITIZEN OF RUSSIA" or logos or anything else are hard to find. Finally I got that metal-corner "gray stone-washed" leather cover. Then I embroidered the teddy, then attached it etc. If someone's interested in the process - I have the photos of each stage so can create a kind of 'tutorial' of making such a cover.

And a card. Actually I changed it a bit, but didn't manage to take a photo of the newer version, so the old photos:

The card combines two technics: quilling and pergamano. For pergamano frame the following was used: 'Herlitz' vellum, embossing tools of 4 different sizes and an old soft mouse-pad, tailor's pin, soft coloring pencils Faber-Castell (yellow, blue, white), canvas (for pricking), small sciccors and some glue. The pattern was downloaded from the gallery of pergamano.com - though I don't have the direct link, so sorry if I used someone's idea

For qulling: 'The Paper company Pastel Quilling strips', office paper and paper for notes, blade for cutting it, glue 'Avantre creativ', corrugated white tissue for the lefthand roses; multishaded green thread (for leaves); wire; blue micro beads; heart-punch (for white flowers on the right side), blue and green feltpens and white gel pen.

Note the "thread" quilling I used for leaves - I like the effect =)


Spinner card with quilling

A birthday card for my mother-in-law. The first attempt to make a spinner card.
If you bend it to the right side the blue flower comes into the Racoon's bouquet

if to the left - in Tiger's paws:

Tiger and Racoon symbolize my husband and me; they are drawn by myself and then cut and glued. It was a pretty hard work to cut all those "fluffiness" and "fuzziness" along with the stripes. Heads and paws are "stadning out" with a help of a few layers of cardstock under them. Racoon is made from velvet paper; Tiger is smooth.

So they both hold a bunch of flowers: I used quilling for it, plus beads to fill out the remaining spaces and punches leaves.
For spinner I used two coins and a small washer (found among my dad's stock of nails, bolts, screws etc) Glued with super-strength glue.

The background doesn't look very pretty, but in fact it's not that gloomy: it has glitter and glossy marks on it.
Here are the characters' closeups


Racoon pillow

Have finished wool embroidery last spring, but had no time to complete the pillow. And finally i've done it!

Size: 40 cm by 40 cm (18"x18"). Somple and clear. Couldn't resist his look in the handcrafts store, so had to buy him and bring him home =)
Spent half of the day choosing the fabric for the backside and the edging. So it turned out to be white-green-blacka nd the cord is black and white. With a zip-lock in the middle.

Another racoon-buddy in my mega-large collection =)