Quilled card for wedding

This is a card my collegue asked me to make for her sister's wedding.

She asked to use white and red colors in that card, plus "something pale" - which I decided to make pink. The leaves on the card were dark green, but when I finished the card and looked on it critically - I though it was too gloomy, but everything was glued on and ready, and the only way to fix it was to paint the leaves. And so I did - painted half of the greenery in light-green with acrylic paints.
For this cards I used closed coils, teardrops, petals, arrows, stars (5-arm), marquises, crescents and bullets; half-open coils, quilled roses, and flowers made with punched hearts; double fringed flowers; single fringed flowers, including 2- and 3-colored ones. Looped flowers, punched flowers, etc.
Text on the card represents the names of bride and groom ("To Sveta and Kolya").
And some close-ups:

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