Pink Christmas card

Once upon a time a couple of weeks before Christmas my friend and I went to a handcrafts store. It was small and there were no customers, but there was a full box of Prima roses in the middle of the room. I don't really like them - they are so "traditional" if not "banal and obvious", there's hardly a scrapbooker or a cardmaker who has never used them. They're pretty yet boring, so I never cared about buying or using them. But when I faced a full box of these roses I thought "why not? everyone uses and i can" =)
Although there were only pink ones, and I never liked pink - and I said that aloud. And my friend answered: "And I do! I like pink!" - "Ok, I'll make a card with these roses for you" - "Good, for Christmas". Hm... That's the beginning of the story, so I faced the challenge: make a PINK Christmas card.
That is what I made

I had to visit a handcrafts store again for I had almost no pink papers and cardstock at home =)
So, there's what we've got: pink cardstock base with golden-brushed edges. Then a nice "crumpled" paper with pearl effect, cut with figure scissors and a snowflake corner punch. Then the pink corners with golden doodles (once it was a part of a chocolate box), bright pink satin ribbon.
A christmas tree is made from velvet pink paper (layers of it are a little embossed), decorated with purple, dark pink and light pink half-beads "Rayher", topped with a golden star. Plus a few snowflakes - all that upon a metal effect pink paper, edged with a translucent pink organza ribbon which is tied in a bow in one of the corners.
The close-up of the tree:

And there're a few snowflakes: three white in the bottom with words "Happy New Year", and a white one of top - sewn down to the base and decorated with pink beads:

And the inside of the card:

There are the Prima roses! The roses are pretty thick and can't be put into a flat card, so I had to make the back of the card in a shape of small box. The bottom of the "box" is decorated with beautiful patterned pink paper with glossy figures (guess what? it was a cigarette ad in Cosmo, the only thing I like this magazine for - nice patterns =)). There's also a quilled butterfly and a bunch of punched and beaded flowers.
The greeting was written on vellum and attached in the center later. The words said: "May your life be filled with tender colors, unusual colors and irregular solutions! Bloom like a flower"

I think that the problem of making a pink Xmas card was pretty interesting. I tried to make it as less vulgar as I could, and I softened the 'pointless' appearance of the roses with the words in greeting, so that they won't look like "I had a lot of roses and all that stuff and I like gluing them here and there just because". I hope I succeeded =)

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