Happy pregnancy card

My colleague is going to have a baby and has already left the job for maternity reasons. And before she "retired" I gave her a card to wish her happy expectation and easy pregnancy.
I browsed through the Internet to find some inspiration and ideas, but the only thing I found were headless belly silhouettes with lots of "Prima" flowers. So I changed the idea of "happy pregnancy" to "happy expectation", because expectation assumes not only the existence of the belly, but also buying things for the baby, getting ready for his/her appearance etc. So there's gonna be a collage with baby stuff.
Inspite of the 8th month, the gender fo the baby is still unknown, so I had to forget about those traditional blue-boy and pink-girl color schemes. And I decided to stop by yellow and green.
That's what it turned out to be:

Click to enlarge.
The base of the card is ivory paper for watercolors, the bottom edge punched with flower design. Two side edges are cut with figure scissors and brushed with a green stamping pad, the top is embellished with a piece of ivony flower lace.
In the middle of the card there's a plaited mat: beige "suede" paper and checked green paper (Martha Stewart). And light green trimming on the edges.
The mat is topped with a tiny sweater. I knitted it with 2-mm needles from the embroidery thread. Cords, yellow trims and beads. Besides this sweater there's a baby-carriage charm (thanks to omelitsa (omelitsa.blogspot.com) ) and a pair of baby boots, crochet - there's very small. There's a photo of them in comparison to a coin (diameter of itabout 1 cm).

The shaker: wire, ribbon bow, and a part of a push through pack from the headache medicine filled with micro beads. That pack was pretty hard to find: all pills nowadays have absolutely unsuitable for hand crafts packages =)
I also wanted to add a greeting or a phrase on the card, but I though it was enough - the card already looks well equipped =)


  1. Потрясающе красиво! Необыкновенно! Пинетки вообще вызвали дикий восторг!