Happy New Year card: quilling and pop-up

With this year I'm going to start using this blog in english for anyone who's interested. Maybe this year will help me find new friends =)

So, I'm starting with a "Happy new year" card.
The front cover:

All pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.
The front cover is made with technique quilling: a fir tree and a phrase "С Новым годом" (happy new year in Russian) on it. First I formed and glued on the edges, and then filled the inner spaces.
The inside of the card was created as my first try of a pop-up technique:

A landscape: a house, a few fir trees, raccoon and tiger figurines (me and my husband), snowdrifts - everything cut with CraftRobo. Colored with pencils; the "main" tree is decorated with sequins, silver string and beads. There's dark sky above it all, if you lift it there will be clouds and snowflakes (tied to the clouds with silver strings)

A close-up of the characters:

Comments and feedback are welcome =)


  1. Good job on the quilled lettering - that's hard to do! It reminds me of Yulia Brodskaya's work... if you haven't seen her quilling, you're in for a treat. http://www.artyulia.com/index.php/Illustration Your pop-up is cute too.

  2. Thank you!
    You're right, actually it was inspired by Yulia's art, but I have a long way until I'm somewhat close to her %)