"Happy new year" card - foil qulling

For this New Year holiday season I wanted to send a greeting card to my friend, who lives in a foreign country. I thought about my favorite quilling, but I wasn't sure that it would survive passing through the Russian post =) So I had to think about something less delicate, but not less beautiful.
And I thought about... foil!

There's the whole card itself:

The snowflake is made with foil (a foil strip was twisted to become harder and then was shaped into quilling-like figures), sequins and beads. It was glued with super-strength glue (the white glue which I usually use failed to glue the aluminium) to the white snowflake embossed paper. Then a light-blue paper with figure punched corners. And handdrawn doodles.
The background paper is also decorated with blue glitter gel pen handdrawn doodles, and the blue cardstock above the background once was a part of the chocolate box =) I loved the pattern so much I couldn't through it away after the chocolates were gone, and so I found a project to use it in.

All this is attached with a brocade-ribbon, and the bow is embellished with an "iced star" - a kanzashi thingie, the first I ever made in my life =)


  1. Вот это красота! Отличная идея!!!
    (Ничего, что я тут пишу по-русски?)

  2. Спасибо большое =) Да ничего =) мне от тебя на любом языке комментарии получать приятно ;)