"Happy birthday card" for my mom

The card was made in summer 2009.

It's a card for my mom's birthday. She was away from home for her bday, so I tried my best to create something cozy and funny to make her smile and to make her remember that she's loved.
The composition it not complicated, but there's a plenty of techniques used. Felting, quilling, pergamano, handmade paper marbling, dry embossing, using punches and beads...
And I paid much attention to color: I wanted it to be modest yet bright enough not to be dull. So I chose green, summer color: I made a marble paper with green paints, cut the edges with shaped scissors and marked them with green color to make them brighter. Then I attached a piece of green cardstock, then a piece of vellum with embossed edges, which were pricked and torn to create a "lace"-like look. And an embossed (with vines) piece of white cardstock, where I put a little green shades to make vines "pump". On the top of that sits a felted raccoon - a white one. I have this nickname for more than 12 years, and all my family got used to it, and my mom sometimes calls me this way =) So there wasn't a better way to create a greeting card from me to my mom than depicting a White Racoon there. With a bunch of quilled flowers in its paws. For raccoon figure I used both - dry and wet felting. For quilling I used white, green and lilac strips - to add some color to this green-white card and to remind my mom of my favourite colors ;)
Here you can see the bunch a little closer:

Pics are clickable to enlarge.


  1. Cute card! Love the raccoon's expression. Am sure your mom appreciated all the work you put into it.

  2. Thank you, Ann!
    You're right, my mom liked it =) Actually so far it's my favorite card. =)