Cat cards - silhouette and little pop-up

Once upon a time my friend asked me to make a card for her fellow cat-lover. Later she rejected the idea, but I had already created a list of "cat card ideas". One of the ideas I "scraplifted" at Etsy, by pocketstudio. It's easy, elegant and simply charming.
I loved the idea so much that I made my own version of "Balancing cat":

That's how it looks in full size:

For this card I used paper for watercoloring and my CraftRobo.

The reaction of my friends to those cats was inspiring, so I continued - made another silhouette cat card.

And there's the whole card:

Different cats, I tried to make their poses as feline and elegant as I could. Also I added more floral touches, colored the card with pencils a little bit and added a touch of handmade imitation of "flower soft", which is actually a finely cut bath sponge of various colors, that gave the card some extra dimension.

And the third card of these series is a "Happy new year" card for my brother and his girlfriend.

That's how it looks when standing:

Again CraftRobo helps is used. Cats, window, snowflakes, door, wreath and a cat-entrance. When the door is opened the written greeting can be read. And you also can see a piece of an Xmas tree behind the window.
So, when you open the card there comes a light pop-up:

A decorated Xmas tree.


  1. просто потрясающе, особенно первые две... очень воздушно

  2. Кошки в окошках просто покорили! А чем вырезались, макетным ножом? Может в пояснении и написано, но я не сильна в английском :(

  3. Soncio, спасибо за комплименты.
    Кошки вырезались режущим плоттером CraftRobo по нарисованному мной контуру.

  4. Открыточки твои понравились.
    Можно возьму на заметку твоих кисок? Я к кошкам не питаю больших чувств, но надо подруге черных египетских нарисовать.

  5. Спасибо.
    Забирай; если надо, могу файлик выслать, чтобы срисовывать было удобнее. Хотя египетские имеют несколько иные пропорции, более четкие линии и больше углов...

  6. Hi Aljona, I'm a cat lover and would like to say that your work is very delicate and beautiful, really I like it a lot! :)
    All the best from France

  7. Celine, thank you for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment! Will be happy to see you again =)