Cat card - for a guy

A card for my brother's birthday.

My brother loves cats (and has a nickname 'greycat') and guitars, so I combined these two things. I bought silver-covered guitar strings and found grey velvet paper. Drew a cat silhouette, and shaped the thickest string accordingly with the pliers. The string is attached to the base with wire loops, which are twisted and fixed on the wrong side of the paper. The whiskers and the "brows" are the pieces of the string too, but the thinnest one. The eye once was a part or the marble-green mediator.
Here the close-up of the cat's face

A flower and a leaf are made from colorful mediators and a piece of string as well.
Another mediator - with a bird - is fixed on the top of the card, and there're stmaped music/notes nearby.
The velvet paper with the cat on it is attached to the acrylic-painted cardstock with silver staples. If it was a girl-card I would use something less "brutal", but as long as it's a guy-card staples fitted in the right way =)
Inside of the card there's a written wish, where all characters А, D, E and C with 'm' and '7' added from time to time, are enlarged and there're icons above them depicting the according chord (you know that square with string numbers and frets).
Thanks for looking!