Card for MIL - "Happy New Year"

There's a card I gave my mother-in-law for the new year.
I wanted to make something bright, joyful and colorful. That's what it turned out to be:

The base of the card is a regular red paper for pastels. And I drew golden snowflakes on it. First I wanted to use templates and embossing inkpad with powder, but it appeared to be blurred and untidy (upper right corner). Then I took a simple gel-pen (I don't have that special one for wet embossing), drew the snowflakes by hand, applied golden powder and heated above the stove.
Actually I liked what I got:

Also I used golden cardstock with "jute" embossing, cut with figure scissors and a corner punch. The Xmas tree was inspired by a tutorial by aphina-art - but I made it easier. I didn't do the paper myself, I took a regular green piece of paper, made it wet and wrinkled it. Then brushed the edges and wrinkles with golden pad. The tree is decorated with Rayher half-beads and micro-beads for manicure ;)

The title is embroidered with a red thread upon a "jute" golden cardstock. And attached to a transparent red ribbon. With golden punched snowflakes.
I have to say I like the result.
Photos can be enlarged by clicking and feedback is welcome =)


  1. How do you hear on a stove? Any tips? As I'm just a hobby card maker only for friends and family, don't want to invest on a lot of tools but want to try new techniques and cards. Btw, just LOVED your card. It's awesome

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I'm a hobby crafter too, although I own a heat gun - it's so noisy, I can't afford it now having 2 babies..
      So, what type of stove do you have? Electric or gas? For gas use a pan over the fire. Electric can be used as is. Get everything ready, make sure the stove (or pan) is clean! Place the card on the stove/pan with your design powdered with embossing powder facing up. Turn the heat on, use a fork or a spoon to press down the paper in places with powder. See it melt. Remove as soon as the desired effect is seen, don't overheat or it will boil in bubbles %) Try working with parts, not with the whole sheet, so you can control all designs. And test the paper beforehands, make sure it's heatresistant and doesn't change color when heated. That's it, good luck!

  2. Try using a blow dryer on the back of the cardstock so it won't blow the powder off of the card.